Dance for Every Body

We were all born dancing, kicking our legs and waving our arms in a pattern uniquely ours.  We danced as toddlers, bopping and swaying, and later as children, skipping and jumping, waltzing, and twirling.  When did we stop?  Why did we stop?  Why not start again today?

In its truest, purest form, dance allows us to clear our minds of chatter and drop back into our bodies, letting go of fears and limitations.  To truly dance is to release into the freedom of movement without thought.  In a Spirit Moves Dance class there is no such thing as “doing it wrong” -if it feels right for you in the moment, then it is right.

I am a veteran of intense dance training, hours of classes in mirrored rooms wearing skin-tight clothing and berating myself for not being good enough.  Spirit Moves Dance is my way of saying “No More!”  No more “right” and “wrong,” no more skin tight uniforms (unless that’s your thing), and no mirrors. In a Spirit Moves Dance class you do not “learn to dance,” you discover the dancer you already are.

I offer a range of classes with varying degrees of structure and instruction.  Every single one will provide a joyful, welcoming environment and a safe, non-judgmental space for you to move.  Check out my classes page for more details.