Wishcasting Wednesday: How do you Wish to Spend Some Time?

Today’s Wishcasting Wednesday prompt is “How do you wish to spend some time?”

I love this prompt because it’s such a perfect fit with my day-to-day life.  I’m a stay-at-home mom to an afternoon-napping toddler.  I have very limited-but-clearly-defined ME-time: naps, the occasional TV show, and bath time (sometimes after-bedtime too, depending on what my husband’s up to that night).  So the question of how I wish to spend my time comes up CONSTANTLY.  “OK…how should I spend this chunk of downtime?  Should I blog?  Should I work on my novel?  Should I haul out the marketing books and FINALLY revamp my business?”  It’s just part of my routine.

I’m in Hour Two of today’s nap, and I can tell you: I wish to spend some time connecting with my essence and applying that connection to my Big Dreams.  It’s about remembering the core of me and envisioning a future that reflects that perfectly.  I’ve already spent some time doing that today…but my wish is to be able to do this more -more often and more deeply.  This is the source of my business.  This is where my vision comes from.  I wish to spend some time CONNECTING and DREAMING.


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