Monday Intention: {Fun}

So, last week’s intention of {lightness} was a rousing success!  We are well on our way to having a manageable houseful of belongings as opposed to an overwhelming mess of stuff.  We dropped off an entire carload of unsellable (on kijiji) stuff the other day, and I’ve sold over $1000 worth of other things (an old car seat, some old toys and clothes, a bed frame we weren’t using, some unused kitchen appliances).  It feels great to let things go to people who want them, and it feels even better (as a stay at home mom) bringing some money in and helping out with this move financially.

Still some progress to be made, as I said…I’ve got some chairs that still need to go, and my parents are taking back a load of furniture they lent us.  But on the whole I’m starting to feel like most of the stuff in this house is really Us and has a reason to be here…if you know what I mean.  Garbage day is going to be fun this week: old box springs, a broken exersaucer, and a dead fan are all scheduled to hit the curb.  I’m looking forward to it!

This week my intention is to find the {fun}.  I’ve been enjoying this process, don’t get me wrong, but as time ticks by I’ve also been FREAKING OUT.  Freaking out is not fun, and it’s not helpful.  I get more done when I approach things in a spirit of joy and embracing challenge, and that’s what I want to do this week.  I also want to remember to take it easy on myself, to breathe, to rest when I need to.  I don’t want to head out on our pre-move family trip and be a total wreck for the entire time!  It’s all about balance here (which could have been my intention, but I like {fun} better!


Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for an abundance of?

Today Jamie Ridler asks us, “What do you wish for an abundance of?”

This brought me up short because I have been focusing so much on {less} this week.  Less and lightness and space and…ooooh wait!  That’s when I remembered this post by Leo Babauta at about white space (you know, the space in a picture that isn’t filled with stuff).  He writes about how white space gives you clarity (the ability to focus on the important/meaningful/beautiful things in your life) and peace.  Matthew and I have been paring down our stuff: selling some (lots more to go), giving some away, giving some back, and donating some.  With every piece that leaves our home there is this feeling of lightness, of freedom, of space…white space.

Take tonight, for example: tonight Matthew and I went through our rather-large DVD collection and pared it down to the essentials.  What DVDs could we absolutely not live without?  And as I looked at the reduced-by-two-thirds bookshelves I had this wonderful warm and cozy feeling in my chest.  The DVDs on that shelf were US.  It was a representation of what was most important and meaningful to us, what was so much a part of our development that we couldn’t let them go.  Everything else had just been clutter gunking up the lovely potentially-white space.  Dirty Dancing 2?  Totally not-essential.  And the same went for Wayne’s World.

So, sure, of course I wish for an abundance of money and love and everything else that you think of when you think “abundance”…but my official Wishcasting Wednesday wish this week is for more white space.

Monday Intention: Lightness

This week’s intention took a while to sort itself out.  I used Andrea’s Intention Meditation to help me sort through the various words that came up and get to the heart of the matter.  The heart of the matter this week is {Lightness}.

The rest of the week after I wrote my last post was all about kijiji.  I posted about a dozen listings and I sold some stuff.  And it felt MARVELOUS. Letting go of that wedding dress that I had been holding on to ever since I called off my first wedding?  MARVELOUS.  The bride-to-be was thrilled to be able to find a gorgeous, brand new dress for $200, and I was happy to let the dress fulfill its true purpose (such a beautiful dress deserves a wedding day). Plus…$200?  For something that was just taking up 4 feet of closet space?  I WILL TAKE IT!

As we sorted through our things, inventoried the furniture we wanted to keep, made stacks of books to let go…all of that…some interesting things started to happen.  First, as I cleared out extraneous clutter from cupboards and closets (don’t get me wrong, I am NOWHERE NEAR DONE yet) I felt…light…  The cupboards I’ve been through look so beautiful in their ordered simplicity.  Nothing is missing, but nothing is extra.  It’s perfect.

My intention for this week is to continue this simplifying process and achieve this {lightness} in every room.  I wish to sort out the things I truly love, need, and want from the things we just have around because they’re there.  I wish to create a new home that truly reflects us and what we love and treasure.  (And if I can make enough money on kijiji to afford movers?  Well that would be just dandy!)