…about that intention…

Well, on Monday I intended to focus on going with the flow this week.  And it unleashed a torrent of major change.  We’re moving.  Not out of the country or even out of the province, but out of the house we’ve been renting for the past 15 months and back into an apartment in the same area we lived in before.

There are a lot of reasons for this.  The first one is financial.  We can’t afford to live here and heat the house.  That was a big one for my husband when I showed him the numbers.  But for me the reasons are multiple:  I don’t drive, and we currently live in an area with NO bus access, and where the nearest store is a 25-minute walk away (that’s one-way, and I have to cross a highway).  If we go back to an apartment in our old neighbourhood, I’ll be 5 minutes from a store, a Starbucks, a library, and (when it’s completed) a Rec Centre (where I’m hoping I can offer some of my classes again).  There will be sidewalks for walking with Xander and, while I will definitely miss the yard, I will have walking trails and playgrounds in the area.  And my cell phone will work.  All major pros.

I’ve been talking and talking about how crazy September is for us.  It’s always a time of major change, and it always seems to be connect with The Flow.  Things just unfold.  Coincidences happen.  The way seems clear more often.  For example, we decided to check out some places, and we booked an appointment just to check things out for later in the year…and we found the perfect place with the right budget and the right location in a building with supers we like.  The only problem?  The lease starts a month (really 2 months) earlier than we were looking for.  EEK!  But we had to have it.  We could just tell.  Oh September, you crazy month…always picking us up and whirling us around until we’re dizzy and laughing and grinning like mad.


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