Monday Intention (on Tuesday): {nourish}

I missed my Monday Intention last week because we were travelling.  Nothing like a week-and-a-half-long trip to start off Moving Week, right?  Oy.  Actually, it was really fun (most of it), just NOT AT ALL RESTFUL.

This week I have so so so SO much to do.  SO much.  The movers are coming on Saturday and Matthew works every day this week (and only one day from home).  And I’m starting out really tired and run-down. We all are.  Xander’s throwing tantrums and Matthew’s getting sick.  I need to keep it together.  When I started thinking about my intention for this week I thought about the strength I would need, the courage, the determination, the sheer will power it’s going to take to get us through this…and I decided that my intention should be…{nourish}.

Nourishing myself.  Eating good food.  Drinking enough water.  Taking extra vitamins.  Resting when I can.  Grounding and centering and breathing consciously.  Taking time to bond with Xander man and reassure him (the move is freaking him out).  And reiki reiki REIKI every night.  If I make that my focus I think this week will go smoothly.  {nourish} {nourish} {nourish}.


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