Monday Intention: {stand}

Happy Monday!

I’m going through some kind of transformation right now.  I’m realizing things about myself -seeing patterns that I didn’t know were there.  And I’m feeling so much more connected to the Universe than I have since Xander was born.  I’m meditating almost every day.  I’m dreaming again (I haven’t dreamed regularly since I was pregnant).  It’s amazing.

But.  But but but.  But along with all of this transformation and realization has come challenges.  Like last week’s writer’s block (which I still have, but I’m no longer torturing myself about it).  Like this past weekend when a (well-meaning) friend made me feel small and judged and wrong and exactly the way I used to feel when I was a child…and I couldn’t break free of my pattern and stand up for myself.

Standing.  It’s about Knowing who I am, Valuing who I am, stepping into my Power.  I’m tired of apologizing and crawling and hiding.  I’m sick of being quiet.  So this week I stand.  I trust myself.  I stand.


Want to see my altar?

Part of what I love most about moving into a new space is the way we can design that space to support us in our dreams.  When we moved into this new apartment, it was essential to me that we create a space that reminded us to connect with spirit and be aware of the sacred in every day.  So I used our assorted paraphernalia to create this altar.  It’s in the hallway that runs the length of our apartment, which means that I walk by this altar at least a dozen times a day.  Every morning I light candles at it and ask my guides to watch over me as I walk my path, and every night I leave my rings on it and thank my guides for helping me.

Here it is:

Some detail shots:

Favourite crystals, smudging apparatus (with other crystals and essential oils underneath):

My favourite Faerie Tarot card (his name is Solus) and my collection of spirit-figures (I’m a religious-buffet-er):

This section is the Relationship Altar: reminding us of our connection to each other, and also reminding us of people we have loved who have left our physical world.

A close-up of the main altar so you can see the beautiful Spirit Moves Dancer my husband drew for me (she’s my business logo as well), and the Chakra Lotus Tree (LOVE it!):

The Soul Library…all the books about energy work, self-help, dance, parenting, and new-agey goodness.

My chakra paintings.  We have a larger set of these in the bedroom too…I love them.

And that’s my favourite area of the apartment!  I hope you enjoyed the tour!



Monday Intention (on Thursday): {Kindness}


I am late late late.  I had an intention all picked out (it was {purpose})….and then I hit a massive, paralyzing case of writer’s block and fell off the wagon with my 1000-words-a-day writing challenge, and all of my inner critics got very VERY loud…and…well…I decided I needed a new intention.

My intention for the rest of this week (and until this writer’s block sorts itself out) is {kindness}.  Mostly to myself.  I want to stop telling myself that this is laziness or failure or all of the other things I keep telling myself (I am SO MEAN to myself!).  I want to allow myself to rest and take some time and appreciate the fact that I have written SEVENTY FIVE pages this month (!!!!), and not feel so guilty about taking some time off and not making my quota this week.

I KNOW that this will all sort itself out and that the words will flow when they’re ready.  But I need to remember that.  I need to trust myself to write when I’m ready.  I need to be gentle with myself while I wait for that to happen.  And, for crying out loud, I need to be OK with relaxing and doing things I WANT to do and not just things I feel like I SHOULD do.