Monday Intention: {YES!}

What an amazing week!  I found things flowing and changing that I never expected.  I don’t know how much “nestling” I technically did…but I feel like I stepped into myself and opened up to my life…if that makes sense.

I’m in a weird place right now.  I feel like I’m on the verge of something big.  OK, I’ve felt like that for a while, but I’m coming out of the frustrating “IF ONLY SOMETHING WOULD SHIFT” part and moving into the “Woah…was that a shift?!  I think it was!  OK, we’re about to take off!” part.  Does that make sense?

In any case, my intention for this week is {YES!}.  Yes to change.  Yes to challenges.  Yes to baby steps.  Yes to me.  November is a big month for me all of a sudden: a month of challenges.  I’m participating in Goddess Leonie’s “17 Days of Zing” challenge (meditation every day for 17 days in November) and in NaFADOYBIMSCOM (National Finish A Draft of Your Book, I Mean Seriously, Come On Month) and/or “Write 1000 Words a Day In November” (for the people who are terrified by NaNoWriMo…I made this one up because it’s a good daily marker of progress…if I don’t finish a draft of my book this month I will at least know that I wrote 30,000 words towards it…and that is AMAZING).  And what I’m finding with these challenges, as with my own personal ongoing challenge to keep this apartment looking beautiful, is that the key is to say “Yes.”  Don’t avoid.  Don’t procrastinate.  The jobs get bigger when you do that.  If you say “yes” right away…take that 5 minute break to write a couple hundred words, put that dish in the sink instead of leaving it on the table, wipe down the cupboards, take down the garbage, sit and do that meditation instead of making an excuse…then all of a sudden you’ve achieved your goal.  Last week I wrote over 7000 words, and it didn’t even feel like trying.  I meditated every day, and it didn’t feel like a challenge…except in that moment when my decision was hanging in the balance.  The apartment did go through messier days, but on the whole it was completely manageable and a pleasure to live in and maintain.  So this week I choose Yes.  Yes to my dreams and my goals and my challenges.  Yes to the life and the Me that’s emerging through these daily tasks.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

I look at the life I’m living and I catch glimpses of the dreams I want to realize.  And suddenly I have a Knowing that it’s all achievable.  It’s just a matter of building daily habits, of saying Yes instead of putting it off and putting it down.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

Have a great week, everyone!


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