Dec 2: Writing

Today’s Reverb 10 prompt is “What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?”

Hmmm…let’s see…
-caring for one quite-demanding-and-rarely-napping toddler (nope, can’t eliminate that)
-keeping the apartment in a state of moderate cleanliness….OK, sometimes less than moderate cleanliness (nope, can’t eliminate that either)
-feeding myself and my family (I think the trend here is obvious)
-checking Facebook and email obsessively (oh…wait…)
-watching Youtube videos (…*sigh*)
-watching movies (…uh huh)
-reading blogs (actually, I think that this often DOES contribute to my writing…if they’re particularly inspiring blogs)

OK, fine.  I can stop watching Youtube and only watch movies for inspirational purposes (for example, I’ve recently been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy as inspiration to get my novel revitalized and non-boring).  Actually, this coincides nicely with my “No TV for Toddler” month-long challenge this month.  So…fine.  No to Youtube.  And fewer movies.  And no tv-as-background.  Happy now?  *grumbles*


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