Dec 4: Wonder

Today’s Reverb 10 prompt asks what I did this past year to cultivate a sense of wonder.

To which my immediate response is “not too damned much.”

I think that’s probably untrue.  I’m just in a headspace right now where I’m feeling SO much better than I did during most of the year, and it’s very easy to decide that the year, as a whole, sucked.  But it didn’t really.

Let’s see….trying to think about this one…

-in January and February I made a habit of posting something I was grateful for on Facebook as my first status of each day.
-I did my best to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty in the world around me.
-I tried to pause my mental-whirling and take in the awesomeness of cuddling with my son as he nursed to sleep each night.
-I danced.  Not every day, but when I really needed to.  And I hosted several Groove Back events.
-Lately I’ve been praying and meditating and reading and forum-posting…lately I have been doing ALL sorts of things to cultivate my sense of wonder.  It’s interesting that I had to physically move out of our house to be able to really and truly do that.

That’s what it comes down to…I had to physically move before I could really grow.  You would have to live in that house yourself to be able to understand what I mean.  It was crawling with anxiety and bad energy, and no smudging in the world would shift it (trust me, we tried).  But ever since we moved…everything has been changing.  It’s like 15 months’ worth of evolution is happening all at once…or like everything I had hoped and planned for 2010 is trying to happen before New Years.  It’s kind of awesome.  And that’s wonder*full.


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