Monday Intention: {play}

Happy Monday, everyone!

Andrea at ABC Creativity encourages us to set an intention for every week.  This week my intention is to {play}.  I’m pretty sure I’ve used this one before, but this week I mean it in the sense of *keeping it light.*  I am so good at weighing myself down with “shoulds,” making my to-do list feel like drudgery with giant and scary-sounding tasks that stay half-finished.  This week I want to keep it light and playful…make a game of the hard work, play with Xander, be kind to myself, banish the “shoulds” and go with the flow.

I’ve started already…this morning I took the apartment from “pigsty” to “slightly messy,” and I did it playfully.  I didn’t do the stressed out “Xander, I can’t play with you because I’m CLEANING” dance…I played ball with him *while* picking stuff up and putting it away.  I paused to colour pictures.  I enlisted help with sweeping.  Somehow things got tidy and it didn’t feel like work.  That’s what I mean by {play}.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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