Dec 19: Healing

Today’s Reverb 10 prompt, written by our beloved Goddess Leonie, asks: What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011?

I just got around to reading Jamie Ridler’s December newsletter…and I found this:

Osho Zen Card of the Month: Healing
“It is time for deeply buried wounds of the past to come to the surface, ready and available to be healed. When we are under this healing influence, we are no longer hiding from ourselves or others. In this attitude of openness and acceptance we can be healed and help others also be healthy and whole”

I’m often astounded by Jamie’s Osho Zen Card posts (which she does daily on her FB page and Twitter).  9 times out of 10 they offer wisdom that exactly matches something I’m needing, feeling, or thinking.  It’s insane.  The fact that the December card is “Healing” when I’ve been undergoing such an intensive personal healing process is nothing short of mindblowing to me.

Because here’s the thing: I am healing.  Right now.  Little by little.  I can’t pinpoint one thing that’s doing it: Goddess Leonie’s Circle and the healing presence there, the beautiful online community I wrote about earlier, the spiritual connection that I’ve begun to nurture with my guides and angels, the daily meditation I do every night before bed, the Reiki, the new apartment, these daily posts…they all play a part, I think.  All I know is that I feel so very different.  Things come up, dramas burst me open and I get upset…but then I calm down again and I see the lessons that the drama brought and I learn.  Sometimes I see the lessons while I’m in the drama.  And I don’t feel so small, harried, and apologetic any more.  I feel like I’ve begun living my intention for age-30…to blossom.

In 2011 I could ask for nothing more than to be able to continue on this path I’ve started treading.  I picture myself going deeper and deeper, learning these lessons, developing new awareness.  I picture myself feeling wholly and joyfully me, with no apologies, and no self-judgment.  Embracing and befriending myself.  The process has already started…please let it keep going.


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