Monday Intention: {…om…}

Good grief…I totally missed the Monday Intention!  Well…almost anyway.  There are still 2 hours left of Monday…(in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about…every week Andrea at ABC Creativity invites us to choose an intention for the week ahead).

Last night I sat down with a calendar and some paper and I mapped out the next week.  I made to-do lists, to-make lists, shopping lists, and grocery lists.  I researched new cookie recipes and how to roast a turkey (because it’s my first year cooking it).  And I got…SO STRESSED OUT.

Eventually, when I couldn’t take the stress anymore, I went to bed and meditated and did Reiki…and slept.  I had a bizarre dream about being stranded in China and not being allowed to leave and having to join a brothel…but that’s another story.

And then today…the panic was gone.  I made EXCELLENT use of my time: I took Xander shopping with me and made it to SEVEN stores without a single meltdown.  I almost-finished Christmas shopping.  I baked nisu (holiday bread with cardamom…BEST THING EVER) and Matthew’s favourite squares.  We picked up my Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook and my Monsters Coloring Book (of DOOM!) from the printers (YAY!).   I admit to some moments of stress and crankiness, but on the whole…it was great.  I even refused to panic when Matthew started down the “OMFGHOWAREWEGOINGTOPAYFORCHRISTMASWEARESOTOTALLYSCREWED” road.  Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out.

This week, as we count down to Christmas, I want to bring a sense of serenity to the whirlwind of errands and baking and cleaning.  This is my favourite time of year.  I want to enjoy it thoroughly…even when I’m busybusybusy.  And “calm” and “breathe” didn’t quite capture the feeling I wanted…so I chose “…om…”

Yup…that sums it up nicely.


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