Monday Intention…and a peek in my workbook…

Happy Monday!

Every Monday Andrea at ABC Creativity encourages us to choose an intention to hold in our minds as we move through our week.  Last week I chose {Begin}, which seemed like the perfect intention for the first full week of a new year.  I began some new habits (dancing every day, adding to my meditation practice), began a new e-course, and started reading some new books.  It was lovely.

My intention for this week is {Build}…I want to continue my work with {Begin} and build on the things I started last week, and I want to focus on building more structures and habits that support my dreams.

One thing I’ve been doing to support my dreams is filling out my 2011 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook (which, incidentally, is an AWESOME new years gift for yourself and is only $10 and worth SO MUCH MORE!!!!).  I’ve been having an absolute blast doing it this year, and I wanted to share a little bit:

I printed everything out on cardstock for extra sturdiness and put the pages into a big white binder (I used page protectors because I’m nerdy that way…plus, no hole-punching!). I also added a card to remind me of my intention for this year (more on that later).

Here are my values for 2011:

And here is my list of things to do in 2011.  I worked very carefully on this one…last year it ended up feeling like a stressful to-do list, so I worked with the intention of keeping it joyful and true-to-me.  This one makes me grin and giggle whenever I look at it, but it also reminds me of the important things I want to do this year:

You’ll see a lot of dance experiences on the list, because that’s something that is VERY important to me this year.  There are also BIG creative tasks like finishing a draft of my novel and beginning a collection of my dad’s stories (he was born in England in 1934 and sailed around the world when he was in his 20s…the guy has STORIES).   And there are capital F-for-fun-and-fabulous things like parties to have, a nerdy convention to go to (in costume, of course) and things to see and try.  And reminders that I don’t have to save makeup for twice-a-year-special-occasions and that I deserve a fabulous dress (I DO, DAMMIT!!).  Like I said, stuff that makes me giggle…and grin 🙂

Here are the lessons I would like to learn this year and the teachers and mentors I would like to learn from (I kept this vague because I want to keep my mind open and find teachers everywhere…many of the best teachers I found in 2010 were ones that just happened along when I needed one):

The “Goals” section was one I really struggled with last year.  It ended up heavy-feeling and should-ridden.  This year I realized that while the approach in the workbook would undoubtedly work for others, it just wasn’t right for me.  I could already feel myself getting overwhelmed and depressed.  I think goal-setting is just one of those things…it’s very personal and people have different styles and methods that work for them.  This year I found one that spoke to me (Tara Sophia Mohr’s Goals Guide at…I recommend it if goal-setting stresses you out too), and I copied it out by hand and put it in the guidebook instead of Leonie’s goal setting and to-do list book sections.  And voila!  No more stress for me!  YAY!  Here’s the first page of that:

And here are some examples of the goals I set…I know that goals are “supposed to” be concrete and actionable and all of that, but whatever.  These ones are *less* concrete because the whole idea is to be able to feel them NOW instead of feeling like they’re far away.  Capturing the feeling of the goals draws them closer…and it’s all about the baby steps (like working for the essence of “contribute” for my financial goal instead of “earn $1000 a month”).  It’s working already:

I’ll let you know whether this new approach works or not.  It certainly feels more “me.”

Three more things:  Here are my “Magnificent Mottos” for this year,

Here are the things I want to celebrate about ME this year (yes, that’s “WARM and supportive” at #6, not “WORM and supportive”…I’m still working on this “new handwriting” thing :P:

And, finally, after much soul-searching…here is my word of the year:

May 2011 be the year I come home to myself and realize my own awesomeness.  And may all of your dreams come true this year as well.


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