Inspiration Tuesday!

I had this idea of making a weekly post about something I’ve found inspiring.  I’m expecting it to often be a dance-related thingy (blog, video, photo, company, article, quote…whatever), but I reserve the right to post something completely non-dance-related (because, really, everything non-dance-related can be related to the Dance…if you see what I mean).

Anyway, I thought “Inspiration Tuesday” had a nice ring to it!

Here is something (someone) I found today that inspires me.  A lot.

In her words, “one of my favorite things to do when i travel around is to randomly stop and create little dance videos near beautiful and interesting locations…”

…WHICH IS A TOTALLY AWESOME IDEA!!!!  Now I just need to learn how to use my new video camera… 😉

She has a LOT of videos posted at her website:

I think my favourite is the “Special Soul Art TV gift” …which I couldn’t embed here, but trust me, it’s beautiful, you should go watch it.  (Speaking of Soul Art TV…it’s something that just launched today that looks really interesting, and you can learn more about it here.  I would tell you more about it…but I only know what’s on the website and that there are TONS of amazing people involved).



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