Inspiration Tuesday!

Today’s inspiration comes from our lovely Goddess Leonie.

The other day she wrote a post that went straight to the core of what I had been feeling for…oh…at least 2.5 years.  It’s about mamahood and forgetting who you are and forgetting what makes your soul sing.

Here it is:

I gave it up – those things that made me dance – those things that made me me – until I knew I couldn’t live a life that wasn’t my own.
I did the impossible, and I began carving deep to find and get time – just for me – again.
Time to go home.

See?  It came to me on a day when every site I visited was sending me the same message: time to go home.  Time to find what makes you dance and never let it go again.  All of these reminders that feel like *I* wrote them…only I didn’t.

Mama or not, I think that we all have experience with the feeling of forgetting what makes us dance and sing and sparkle.  We all lose touch with that sometimes…sometimes for a day or a week…sometimes for years.  Let’s all take some time to go back to our core and remember.  Remember where home is.  Remember who you really are.  And go on from there.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday!

  1. It’s so weird. You and I seem to be going through similar things lately. Last night, I broke the seal on my new coloured pencils, sketch book and drawing pencils that I got for Christmas. It was kind of awful how rusty I was, and how unnatural it felt to be drawing again. My goal came to me as I drew: to make drawing fun again. To not worry about the quality of it, to not worry about practicing to be better at it(wondering if I could ever be good enough to be paid for it), to not worry about showing it to people and wondering if they would approve of it, but simply to make it enjoyable for me. It’s hard!

  2. Having kids really is a kind of suppression of sorts of who we are. And, yup, it seems to take about two- to two-and-a-half years to come out of it and gain a bit of that feeling of “myself” again, right when they become more independent. (If you’re a fool like me, you go and have another one too soon and delay it even longer. :P)

    I envy both of you your creative passions, though. I don’t have that. Some artistic skill, yes. A drive to create? Nope. I wish I did. I see my life beginning to echo my mother’s at the same age: a need for more, a yearning, an emptiness that can’t be filled with a bigger house, or adopting another child, or trying a new hobby, or buying more stuff.

    It scares the shit out of me. But it’s becoming undeniable.

    Please, please, please embrace and explore and make use of your passions. Fill those holes with creativity and light. Do it for those of us that don’t have it and will probably always be a bit empty.

    • You know, Kerry, I am absolutely convinced that creative passions have no expiry date. And just because you haven’t found one that fills you with delight, that doesn’t mean that you never will. The fact that what you’re beginning to see in your life scares the shit out of you means that deep down you WANT something more, and that means you DO have the drive to create…but you haven’t found the means that speaks to you yet.
      In the Goddess Circle there are women of every age. There are 20 year olds who know EXACTLY what makes their hearts sing, and there are 53 year olds who are still looking. And that’s GOOD. They’re exploring, they’re finding out who they are and seeking the thing that makes them fill up with joy. You can do that no matter what and no matter when. And I don’t think it needs to be capital-A-art either (when I get my poo together and learn how to post dance videos you will see what I mean! :P)

      Plus, you’re still in the two-to-two-and-a-half year period with Jonah-Bee. Go easy on yourself.

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