Monday Intention: {Release}

It’s Monday!

Every Monday Andrea at ABC Creativity encourages us to choose an intention to hold in our minds as we move through our week.

Last week’s intention was {Build}…but the universe had other plans. All of a sudden, instead of building on my systems, I was faced with old issues -specifically a VERY-old recurring injury that I am positive is mostly psychological/habitual- and trying to figure out new ways to handle them (other than eating too much cake and watching the same movies overandoverandoveragain). It was hard. It was uncomfortable. It was the beginning of a hugely important journey.

So, here I am, with an ankle that is absolutely killing me. And I know that it’s no coincidence that it hurts in exactly the same way that it did 13 years ago. But this time I’m not willing to stop dancing…but also not willing to push through and do myself more harm.  I want to dig deep to the issues that are behind this pain and release them.

When I think about my ankle, I see a scared little girl.  I see a thousand evenings of pain and tears and self-loathing. I feel anxiety and doubt and I hear the inner critic jeer.  But none of that is now…all of that is years ago. This dancing journey is happening on MY terms. It’s time to let go of the stories and the pain and the tons and tons of baggage.  Starting now. This week I {Release}.

I imagine that it will take longer than a week to clear out more than a decade of emotional and physical gunk (duh). And I imagine that I will come across some pretty major resistance, knowing the way I’ve shoved these problems down for so long. But for the first time ever I feel like I’m more than this stuff. I’m more than my stories. And they’re not helping me or serving me in any way.

Have a great week!


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