Inspiration Tuesday!

Over the past week I’ve been exploring Vimeo. I’d seen the name on a lot of videos by Goddess Leonie, but I didn’t know what the deal was…I assumed it was just like Youtube.

Well it is…except that it’s not.
Vimeo, apparently, is the place that the creative people go to share their work. People are nicer there. There are fewer videos of giraffe sex (not that I looked for them…but you get the idea).

They also have channels you can go to if you’re looking for a specific art form.  Say, dance, for example. You can go and there are hundreds of dance videos to explore. I could seriously spend all day on Vimeo.

A day after I posted Vimeo’s dance page on my Facebook wall, a friend sent me the following video. I adore it. If I had kept choreographing for the past 10 years, this is exactly how I would choreograph. And it’s exactly how I want to dance. And, as Krista told me when she sent me the link, it’s like my husband and I got together and made a collaborative film…only it’s not by us, it’s by Ryan J. Woodward (GENIUS. THE MAN IS A GENIUS). I am so inspired every time I see it…it makes me want to choreograph and dance and dance and choreograph and never stop ever ever again!



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