Meg’s Official DAMMIT List

I posted the link earlier today, but I shall post it again, and give you the jist:

“The dammit list is … any and all of the things you stand for.
Things you care about enough to put a dammit on the end of the sentence.”

It’s about boundaries and discovering Who You Really Are. It’s about standing up for those things…dammit! I basically adore this idea. And today was the perfect day to create MY Dammit List. So here we are, in no particular order:

Meg’s Magical List of Things That Are True About Her…Dammit!

1. I will not teach people how to dance, dammit! I will remind them how to play!
2. No, I don’t want your advice, suggestions, or “constructive” criticism unless I ask for it, dammit!
3. When I hear music, I dance, dammit!
4. In fact, I am a DANCING NINJA, dammit!
5. I will be totally uncool, nerdy, dorky, and I will LOVE it, dammit!
6. I will not work for or associate with toxic vampires again. Ever. Dammit.
7. I will wear clothes that I like, whether that’s fancy shoes and makeup and jewellery or yoga pants and slippers. Or some combination of the above, like yoga pants, fancy shoes, and a tiara. Dammit.
8. I will observe, accept, and honour my own patterns and preferences, dammit!
9. I will be on my own side, dammit. Except in situations where Xander needs me to be on his side, in which case that is exactly where I will be, regardless of anyone’s opinion. Dammit.
10. I can use as many ellipses and parentheses in my blog posts as I want, dammit.
11. I am allowed to be unsure and hesitant and terrified and shy and tell people that, dammit!
12. I matter, dammit!
13. I can end any letter, blog post, or email I choose with “xox Meg,” dammit!
14. I am not ballerina-sized! You couldn’t fit all this awesome into a ballerina body! Dammit!


I highly recommend this exercise! It feels fantastic!

…and now I am off to dorkify and generally re-awesome my website and my creative dreams!

xox Meg, the Dancing Ninja


4 thoughts on “Meg’s Official DAMMIT List

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