Monday Intention: {Boundaries}

It’s Monday!

Every Monday Andrea at ABC Creativity encourages us to choose an intention to hold in our minds as we move through our week. This intention is not a task or a to-do list, but a word or a phrase that encapsulates what we need this week and that we can refer to as the week goes by.

My intention this week ended up not being what I expected, but in hindsight and given my dammit list post yesterday it was pretty inevitable. My intention is {Boundaries}.

I mean this in several ways:

-The dammit post was all about getting to know my own boundaries and pledging to honour them. And this is something I would like to continue to work with. I found that creating that list and sharing it helped me take a leap in my business because suddenly I was like, “You know what? I am pretty awesome. And I don’t need to impress anyone. I just need to be wholly and completely me, and people who ‘get it’ will stick around.” I’m keeping this philosophy and a spirit of fun in mind as I revamp my website this week, and so far it has been a BLAST!

-I’m keeping it in mind as I parent this week, in a couple of ways:
First, I’m working on consciously and unapologetically setting my own boundaries when it comes to Xander (not that I haven’t done this before, I just haven’t really needed to be a stickler for boundaries recently because he hasn’t been pushing anything…that is no longer the case, my friends. Urgh). I intend to be firm but sympathetic.

Second, I am reaffirming my need to respect Xander’s boundaries…my natural state this week, if today is a sign, is workworkworkworkwork. And I need to remember that Xander needs my full attention and focus frequently during the day…it’s so easy to sit here and half-ignore him indefinitely…and that is not the way I want to parent. So this is kind of a combo of {Boundaries} and {Balance}

-Actually, I think a lot of areas in my life could use a heaping serving of boundaries. Yup yup.

What’s YOUR intention for this week?


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