Monday Intention: {Step…step…step}

…I was going to call this intention {step by step}, but that automatically made me sing “OOH BABY!”…and I just did not want to be singing a New Kids song all week 😛

Every Monday Andrea at ABC Creativity encourages us to choose an intention to hold in our minds as we move through our week. This intention is not a task or a to-do list, but a word or a phrase that encapsulates what we need this week and that we can refer to as the week goes by.

My intention this week is {step…step…step}

It’s a reminder to take action instead of just thinking about it and then timesucking on the internet. But it’s less scary than {leap} and feels more manageable than {action}…it’s just one little step after another. One little action after another. And see what happens.

That’s all. Super simple, really, but so full of possibility.

Step one…we can have lots of fun…

Crap. It’s in my head anyway 😛


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