Inspiration Tuesday!

It’s Inspiration Tuesday!

Today I have two links to share…two links and a crown 🙂

Link number one: I’m fed up with comfortable definitions of passion. I like the reminder that your passion doesn’t always feel good. And even though you read most of the way through this and think “Yikes! That sounds hard“…by the end you’re all “YES! I shall FIND my passion and follow it! It is IMPORTANT! YES!!!!”

Link number two: the lovely Leonie posted this just the other day, and it was an eye-opener. I have a habit of getting stuck and chipping away and never-finishing projects. I have a List of Creative Things to Do in This Life…75% of which is projects I’ve thought of or started, but I haven’t actually done or finished. I love the idea of getting carried away by a project and just…DOING it. Doing it until its done and then letting it go. I WANT TO DO THIS. I’m going to remember this and try to ride the wild donkey more often! (just writing that makes me giggle!)

And now…MY CROWN!

As you’ll recall, I announced that I was making one after my session with Goddess Leonie last week.

After a little fun on Google, I decided to use this pattern as my inspiration.

I made a template out of paper and cut out the basic shapes:

(I ended up losing that grey cut-out…which is just as well because then I found a bright pink piece of felt that I LOVE)

I added some felt shapes, which I purloined from my son’s play area, and some purple rickrack. I sewed all along the top, matching the points together, with a whip stitch and some purple embroidery floss. And then I measured a piece of 1″ elastic to fit my head, pinned it in place, and sewed the bottom of the crown (being careful not to sew the elastic…so, basically, I made a channel for the elastic inside the crown). And then, finally, I sewed the ends of the elastic together with some white thread! DONE! Want to see?

Front view (yikes! blurry!):

Side view (whew! better!)

And…here I am in a lovely bathroom mirror photo a la Myspace (sorry…you work with what you’ve got :P)



…my son is very jealous. I will definitely need to make him a mini one! Mine is (luckily) too big for the little monkey’s coconut head 😀

Happy Tuesday!




7 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday!

  1. Heeheehee!! That picture of you wearing your crown? Hilarious and awesome. Love it! 😀

    Question, though… Does Goddess Leonie breastfeed? She says her work pays for them all, so I assume that means her husband is home all day with the baby. I *wish* I had a chance to “ride the wild donkey” (wow, that sounds DIRTY! :P), but bits and pieces are all I have at the moment, and I need those to keep us fed and not living in complete squalor, ya know? *sigh* And finding my passion? I’m trying… I’m trying…

  2. She does!
    She’s built her business to the point where she works entirely from home doing her GoddessGuidebook magic. And having Chris (sorry, I mean HER Chris :P) home means that she can take a few hours a day to do it. But I know Ostara “helps” a lot too…I’ve seen the paint-stained toes to prove it! 😛

    I don’t think that bits and pieces are anything to be sniffed at. My problem is that I don’t devote those bits and pieces to working on *one* thing until its *finished*…my energy gets spread out until I’m not accomplishing anything at all on anything…if that makes sense.

    And yes, it really does sound dirty 😛 LOVE IT!

    You think that photo’s hilarious?! I have one that’s WAY funnier. I shall send it to you on FB because I don’t know how to post it in comments here. 😀

    • Yeah, but I mean that my bits and pieces are spent on necessities. Never anything un or creative or for me.

      Whatever. It’s that two-and-a-half-year thing. I have another year or so to go before I get any freedom. I know that. I don’t have to like it, but I know it. 😛 I was just wondering how SHE gets freedom, and I think having a SAHD makes a huge difference.

  3. I love your crown! I am gonna make one!!!!!! It’s going to be pink, and glittery some how.
    I’m not very good at finishing stuff, and as much as I would like to ride the wild donkey, it only happens sometimes, and it means that NOTHING ELSE GETS DONE – I eat peanut butter sandwiches, stay up till 3am sewing or painting or whatever, so I am not sure how good it is for me. But following my passions seems to be suge a HUGE wild donkey I’m just not sure I am quite tall enough to get on there. Passion is not all good and happy and safe – the lady is right!!!

    • YAY!! A pink and glittery crown sounds incredible! 😀

      I think my own way of doing creative things, or at least the way that I am trying on for size right now, is taking baby steps one after another and refusing to put the dream down…even if I’m pausing, I’m pausing consciously and knowing that I will go back to it. So it’s sort of a cross between the wild donkey ride and the other way. I really can’t do the “stay up until 3am thing” and not feel like killing my toddler the next day (3am? HA! make that midnight). If I focus on step after step after step, and commit a little time whenever I can…suddenly things are less scary. OK, things are still scary, but they’re somehow easier to handle. And that’s where the “passion isn’t comfortable” reminder is so great…because a bit of scary is good. And it’s hard to remember that. SO SO hard. Step after step after step after step.

      A quote I read right at the beginning of this year is “we tend to overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year” …which means, I think, that if we stay with our dream and take step after step after tiny step…in a year we will be ASTONISHED at the places we’ve seen!


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