Inspiration Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, the video goodness I have to share today!

First of all…do you remember the rehearsal footage of Nederlands Dans Theatre II that I shared the other week? Well, this just landed in my Youtube subscription box:

What I LOVE about this (and about Youtube, actually) is that you can see the rehearsal process in action. From messing around in the studio to onstage in costume. Because that’s how every dance performance gets made. LOVE IT!

Next, we have a video from the also-amazing Het Nationale Ballet, another company located in Amsterdam. They have been blowing me away lately with their super-gorgeously filmed and edited compilation videos. They’re not even really dance videos so much as behind the scenes-ish videos…you know what? just watch one…you’ll see what I mean!

Here’s backstage before a performance of “On the Dneiper” (LOVE the close-ups on this one!). I think I love this so much because it really makes the dancers human. So easy to forget that they’re people like us (OK, a bit more flexible than most of us :P) doing a job they love:

And finally (YOUR turn to dance!), a Nia dance break! I’ve never taken a Nia class, but I SO WANT TO. It looks like SO much fun!

If you live in the Toronto area, you should go and take class from Jenn Hicks…if I lived in Toronto I would be in her class ALL the time. If you live in the Tantallon area of Nova Scotia, Susan from Nia Nova is teaching at the St Margaret’s Center on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Someday I will make it out there…but until then…DANCE BREAK!

Have a glorious day!


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