Inspiration Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Or, in the world of me “Happy ‘Oh Hi, Healing Crisis, Are You Still Here?’ Day!”and “Happy ‘Who Replaced My Sweet Little Boy With a Raging Monster’ Day!”

Rough times in the world of Meg. But I’m slogging through, promise. And I’ll share some of it later this week…when I will hopefully be feeling more like this:

For now, I wanted to share the book that I’ve been working with lately, The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam:

It’s a book for creative-type-people who are completely terrified of/turned off by traditional business plans. And it is AWESOME. Full of journalling prompts and creative projects. Highly recommended by ME.

For more information, you can check out Lisa Sonora Beam’s website HERE.

And, just for fun, if you want to hear an interview with her, Jamie Ridler did one recently…link HERE.

Second, the book I’m currently reading is The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.

I’m going to be honest, it’s a hard book to read. I mean…it’s about shame and vulnerability. Reading about shame and vulnerability is hard. But it’s also really illuminating. And totally worth the discomfort. Promise!

If you want to know what Brene Brown is about, you can look at her website HERE, and you can see her speak here:

And, for fun, you can check out Jamie Ridler’s podcast interview with her HERE.

(Note to self, listening to Jamie’s podcasts makes you happy, Meg, you should do it ALL THE TIME)

Know what else makes me happy? My new collection of purple shirts. Especially this one that matches my Doctor Who sneakers:

OK, now I’m rambling. I hope you all have a splendid week!




4 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday!

  1. That book looks AWESOME–so interactive and hands-on! I’ve had half-ass yoga/dance/movement plans swimming through my brain since 2005 and seldom have acted upon them. Have you ever read Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit? (I haven’t, even though I’ve owned the book for about 5 years.) How pathetic that I’m too afraid to even read about creativity out of fear that I may actually want to do something about it!

    • Hehe!
      It’s WICKED! I’m going to have to buy a copy, because that one’s due back at the library on Saturday, and they won’t let me renew it because someone else wants it. Boo.

      I know what you mean about having floating plans and not acting on them. It’s (mostly) the story of my life. After I took the Kripalu DansKinetics teacher training in 2006, it took me a year and a half to act on my plans of teaching it. And then I taught YogaDance in 2007-8 while I was pregnant with Xander, stopped when I felt too big to move, and here it is THREE YEARS LATER and I’ve only done a few dance-thingies with friends over the past 6 months. It’s hard to go from dreaming to doing (but so worth it when we do…I keep telling myself…).

      I owned The Creative Habit for YEARS! I read through it once about 5 years ago, and I tried it again last year, but I just wasn’t a fan. I appreciate her conviction and her contribution and I think she is an incredible artist, but something about the book bugged me. I don’t even remember what it was that did bug me, but I decided to go with the philosophy that I apply to parenting books: If you’re not reading and shouting “YES! YES! EXACTLY! WHERE HAS THIS BOOK BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!!” then put it down and find one that DOES make you do that. So I got rid of it. You should give it a shot, though, you never know! If nothing else, it’s fun to read about someone else’s creative process.

      • Oh wow, we were probably at Kripalu right around the same time. Maybe? I did my YTT there in Oct-Nov 2006. Megha was one of the facilitators, and after watching me dance before and after class for about a week, she came up to me and was like, “I think you’re in the wrong training!” 🙂 She encouraged me to return for the DK/YogaDance training, but, you know, $$$. I’m still very grateful for my YTT experience, though. Kripalu yoga is all about compassion, and I’ve needed to apply those principles a lot since hurting my hip. I’m so thankful we spent so much time learning modifications and different ways of approaching the postures because I’ve had to adapt much of my practice. Having those tools on hand is invaluable!

        I’m so glad I found your blog! Eventually I’m going to have read some of your older posts to “catch up” with you. Just finding someone else who does 5Rhythms is exciting!

      • Cool!
        Almost the same time…I did my training that summer…July and August 2006. I had never taken a DansKinetics class in my life, but I read the description and just had to go. It was really great, but yeah…$$$. Some of my former classmates have gone back to help out with trainings, but between travelling from NS and staying at Kripalu (not to mention the toddler-situation at home) there was just no way I could go back. I dream of getting back there, though. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go for one of the 5Rhythms workshops they run sometimes (I haven’t taken one of those classes either, and I think it would make a HUGE difference to learn about it in person and not just from books/CDs). That’s my big dream for the next couple of years. I’m always keeping an eye out for those workshops!

        I adore the Kripalu yoga philosophy! There’s such a huge contrast between that and what I learned as a in dance classes. I still have trouble being kind to myself, although being kind to other people comes super-naturally and always informed my dance teaching, even before I went to Kripalu. Funny how that works…

        I’m glad you found me too! It’s great to chat with someone who’s on the same page 😀

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