Inspiration Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Here are some of the things that are inspiring me this week:

An interview with a young choreographer at Canada’s National Ballet School, and lots of rehearsal (and performance) footage of the piece. GORGEOUS. LOVE it. I love looking inside the choreographic process. And it turned out beautifully!

(I love the mentor’s comments about him, too!)

Next, we have Andrea-from-ABC-Creativity’s post at Roots of She about moving bravely forward in the face of the disasters in Japan and around the world.

Click her AMAZING photo for the full post (I just figured out how to do this! Very exciting!)

Incidentally, Andrea is running a giveaway this week. If you drop by her site and leave a comment, you could win a spot in the Wish BIG e-camp which starts next week. The deadline is Friday, so hop on over there soon! *hop hop hop*

Also on Roots of She (which is a totally amazing site and you should go and hang out there because they have multiple awesomenesses EVERY SINGLE DAY), was this beautiful post:

(Again with the photo-link! GO ME!!! :P)

And, because I am on an Inspiration Tuesday ROLL today, here is the latest “Thoughts from Places” video by the Vlogbrothers (specifically John Green, who is also a young adult novelist).

If you’re new to the Vlogbrothers, “Thoughts from Places” is a special series of Vlogbrothers videos, and they’re generally thought-provoking and often beautiful. There’s a playlist of all of the TfP videos HERE in case you want to check out more of them.

There…that should keep you busy! Have a great week!




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