“Voice of the Physical Body”

I found this on a marvelous Nia blog which you can find HERE. I don’t actually know where it comes from -my Nia book (The Nia Technique) has “voices” of various areas of the body, but I couldn’t find this one in it. Enjoy! (and yes, I’m feeling much better, thank you!)
Voice of the Physical Body
I am sacred. I connect you to the physical realm and offer you a language of symbols called gesture and expression. I am kept alive by a flow of energy through my matter called life-force. I am oneness—the flow, the flower, the observer and the observed. I am physical, chemical, ethereal and organic. My health and wellbeing are maintained through love and through becoming; I am in constant movement, reproducing myself in better and better ways; in ways that support my continual transformation. My transmissions—communication you receive as sensation—are energy that touches and connects you to yourself and to the world. My physical energy is a body language that flows through you. When you dance, you awaken my intelligence: your thinking body.

As an energy and life-force, I live within every cell. The energy in and behind every word you speak, every image you create, and every experience you have, is my way of speaking to you. If you listen, sensing me, I will send you specific information you can recognize as body consciousness, a state of wisdom and body awareness, the awake and alert state of being connected to your inner self, the inner one who speaks to you with a voice. You can listen to me and I can listen to you, and together we can use our information to help you get strong, to help you heal, to add meaning to your life.

I have many parts that make up your whole – and I am always changing, moving and becoming new. I am present for you, helping you discover the mystery and magic found in touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing and love. Feel me breathe within you. Let me awaken you to the natural, organic intelligence and wisdom that is triggered as I move. Every part of me is a doorway you can open to receive energy and intelligence, for I am a vast resource waiting to be discovered. Fall into me, in love with me, and I will guide you to become all you desire.

My feet are yours to stand in, to feel and connect to the earth with. My hands are yours to hold, to create with, touching, nourishing and healing yourself and others. My legs are instruments of movement that elegantly give you the freedom to travel, dance, jump and play—with me. My arms are like wings, which make the sacred gift of reaching out to give and drawing in to receive a dance of human grace. My eyes are yours to use, to see the beauty within yourself and others. My ears are yours to listen with, to hear the song of the universe. My heart is yours to open and explore, to feel the depth of emotion that helps humanity transform, evolve and heal. My nose is yours with which to smell the fragrance of love, always choosing it as your guide. My mouth is yours with which to taste the nectar of life, to nourish me with out of love and respect, honor and trust. I am yours to fall in love with, to become wise through, and to become one with in spiritual divinity. I show you the way out, where the physical transcends form and turns into pure light and energy. Feel me, for I feel you.
-Debbie Rosas (co-founder of Nia)

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