Inspiration Tuesday: Hey, now I’M inspired!!!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I want to share about my first Dancing Mamas Tribe experience…but I’m going to make you wait until tomorrow. It’s Tuesday, after all, and I have SO MANY links to share. But I promise I’ll post again tomorrow.

I’ll start this week’s round up of Internet Magic with something that happened at my alma mater, Walnut Hill School. The girls of New Cottage dorm got together and held a fundraiser to aid Japanese children. And it was an amazing success! Click HERE to read all about it. Walnuts never cease to amaze me.

This week I was blown away by this completely beautiful post by Hiro Boga. How do I serve? That’s something I want to think about this week.



Here’s one of my favourite links this week: A feature on blogger Rita Marcus. Isn’t she FABULOUS?! I hope I am that classy and confident when I’m in MY 80s! Also, I want her shoes.


So much beauty online this week!

Here, The Organic Sister posts about 11 Signs Your Life is Demanding Personal Growth. This is a theme for a LOT of people this year…all over the globe we are shifting and growing and evolving. It’s magical.

Danielle LaPorte is also talking about change this week:

you can change : a sweeping affirmation

Yes, you can.

But sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes you mourn your old life and need time to grieve and transition…and that’s what Rachael Maddox talks about in this beautiful post on Roots of She (and yes, I do post something from Roots of She pretty much every week. That’s because it rocks my socks). As a mom I can SO relate to the journey Rachael is writing about. I cried every day for the first two weeks of my son’s life…and it wasn’t just because of the hormones. I was mourning the loss of my old life because suddenly it was intensely, viscerally clear that things would never be the same again.

And speaking of mamahood, here is an absolutely beautiful post about being a creative mama…and what that looks like. I always find it challenging to carve out even a little time to work on my stuff. You would think that a stay at home mom would have GOBS of time…but that certainly hasn’t been my experience…and it’s kind of reassuring to know that it’s not just me…you know?

by Oliver Thompson Photography

This week on The Creative Dream Incubator, Andrea shares the process of bringing a Big Dream to life. And has she ever! Andrea is finishing up her first-ever Creative Dream Incubator e-course this week. It’s been a fantastic experience. If you have a dream you want to bring to life, and you need a little push and a lot of handholding, I highly recommend this course. The next one starts May 30.

I also found this post by Dave Rowley at Creative Chai. It’s all about working through blocks and the creative process. Beautiful stuff. I found it through this post by Havi Brooks, who was one of Dave’s test subjects for his new writing sessions. I kind of love the exercise she describes. I want to try it myself…but remember what I said above about having trouble carving out time? Yeah…that…

(Incidentally, if you ever wonder “how the heck does Meg FIND all this stuff…this kind of process is one of them. You find something that leads you to something else that leads you to something else… That and Twitter. And Facebook friends)


You know what I want to make? A Happy List! I want to sit down and write a list of things that make me happy. In fact, I’m going to make that one of my Things To Do This Week. And then I’ll share it with you. This seemingly random intention has been brought to you by A Journey of Joy: Hoop Yourself Happy!

Getting down to the final few links before I inundate you with video goodness!

I am so so so so SO excited! Goddess Leonie is all set to launch her brand-new-super-incredible Business Goddess e-course! It’s going to be amazing! And while you’re waiting for all the awesome to come down the Internet Pipeline (on May 1st), take a minute and savour the awesome that is The Biz Goddess Epic Q&A (you know…if you’re a Business Goddess or a wannabe Business Goddess)



Some great videos today!

First, check out this unbelievable Japanese video of a wooden gravity marimba. Thanks to Kerry, who shared this on Facebook (Love you!)

(Yes, it’s an ad for a phone. Try to ignore that part)


Next, another Facebook find, check out this gloriously serene video of The Dance of the Blessed Spirits.

(Bunhead moment: I FREAKING LOVE the port de bras in this piece! It’s magnificent! And the costumes are so simple and so flowing and…LOVE LOVE LOVE. Ahem…OK, done now)


From the jawdroppingly beautiful to the simply jawdropping, we have Floor Gasm…which I apparently can’t embed here…so here’s the link. GEEZ. Look at him go!

And that’s the magic that the Internet coughed up this week!

Have a great one! Tune in tomorrow…and find out what happened at the Dancing Mamas Tribe today šŸ˜‰

(and if you already know…NO SPOILERS!!!)





2 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Hey, now I’M inspired!!!

    • Hehe! Like my “HELP!” folder on my bookmarks toolbar…only the problem with that is I ALWAYS forget about it when I need it the most! You’d think with all these incredible links to share I would remember to use them on MYSELF now and then! šŸ˜›

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