Happy Half-Birthday to Me!!!

Yesterday marked the halfway point of my journey from 30 to 31. Yes, my friends, I am now thirty-and-a-half.

30 felt like it was going to be a very big year when it began. And it hasn’t let me down. Now that I’m moving into the second half of the year (for the purposes of this post, assume that by “the year,” I mean “the year that started on October 16th, 2010 and will end on October 15th, 2011), I wanted to take a minute and reflect: to look back on the journey so far and to look forward to the rest of the year.

So far this year:

-We moved from our gorgeous but OHMYGODCOLD rented house to this snug, warm, well-maintained-apart-from-that-flood-back-in-March apartment. And we pretty much never looked back. There are very few things I miss about that house. Let’s see: yard, dance room…and yup, that’s about it. All in all, a good decision.

(It was an amazing yard, though…even though we didn’t have access to that lake)

-I started blogging regularly. This began in December, with Reverb10, and I’ve been posting at least twice a week since then.  It’s been an amazing creative outlet and something I am so thrilled to be doing. YAY.

-I began dancing more regularly. I went to my first dance class since Xander was born. I experimented with dance as a mood-release (as opposed to comfort eating), and I learned a lot about my body. Like how it needs me to take better care of it 😛

-I rewrote my business site in a way that makes me grin and giggle and feel wholly and completely ME. I began to realize what exactly my Big Dream is, and taking steps towards it. I finally stepped out of the mama-comfort-zone and offered a public class. I began to feel my dreams light me up inside.

(See? Lit up inside)

-I stepped into community. I joined Twitter and began engaging with other people online. This is a big deal for someone who has a history of staying quiet and trying not to be noticed.

(most of the time, anyway 😛 And no, I can’t do this any more)

-I began some really deep personal work with the help of some mentors. I joined The Goddess Circle and connected with amazing women all over the world. I began the 52 Weeks to Awesome e-course, which challenges me every week. I took the Creative Dream Incubator course and watched in amazement as I blossomed from sitting and thinking about my dream to actually beginning to live it.

(Next week there will be other people there. I can feel it…)

-Magic began to happen. I won that spot in the Creative Dream Incubator when I couldn’t afford to pay my way. I was invited to be on my favourite podcast, Creative Living With Jamie (yes, I will tell you when it airs just as soon as I know). I found that for every issue I faced, the magical Internets would turn up the exact article I needed to read, the exact voice I needed to hear.

And that’s what’s happened so far this year.

In the second half of 30…

-I want to move my body more. I’ve broken through the barrier of not-dancing, and I’m letting dance into my life regularly now. I want to make it happen daily. Even if it’s just a little bit. I have made progress on this. I do dance most days. But sitting still is such a habit with me, even when I’m longing to dance, and I want to break that habit completely. I want to be up and moving whenever I feel called to. I have a feeling this will entail some more deep personal work…but, luckily, I’m already signed up for that 😛

-I want to keep stepping into my dream. This means making classes happen, writing more blog posts (I would love to write 4 times a week), and starting to develop the other projects that are on my “To Create In This Life” list (yes, I have one). I get the feeling that this is a habit that takes some developing at first but then ends up being second nature.

(Working more on my 100 Things To Do This Year List would be good too…although I already see a bunch that I can cross off! YAY!)

-I want to BREATHE. I don’t breathe deeply. Like, ever.

-I want to figure out what the real me dresses like, and then dress like that. I’m kind of hating my clothes right now, because they’re just…meh. Not really me. (this is inspired by this post here, which made me want to SHOP)

-I want to do yoga. I just today discovered the amazingness that is yoga podcasts. FREE YOGA CLASSES. Oh, thank goodness! I can finally stop hunting vainly on Youtube! (I’ve only tried one so far, so if you have any yoga podcasts that you LOVE…please please please let me know! Note: I’m easing back into this, so it’s gotta be non-scary!)

Really, I want to continue on the path I’m on. I feel like the intentions I have are all part of deepening the work I’m doing now. So if I’m going to take one thing away from this reflection it’s “Keep doing what you’re doing, Meg, and do it even MORE.”

Happy half-birthday to me! And to YOU, if you happen to have been born on mid-October!

by georgeparrilla




7 thoughts on “Happy Half-Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Oh, and I know what you mean about trying to figure out how YOU (the real you) should dress. I’m feeling the same urge to find my authentic style. I think I’m somewhere between the jeans and plaids and combat boots of my grunge-era high school days and pin-up style dresses, with boho/hippie elements thrown in. I’m loving dresses lately. And boots. And really wanting to try turbans or head wraps. Yup.

    Where’s that money tree?

    • I LOVE your new photo with the green dress and the boots! CUTE!
      Krista and I were discussing this last night, and I firmly believe you can have more than one style. It’s not having ANY style that’s no fun.

      And I don’t know where the money tree is, but I’ll let you know when I find it!

  2. Happy half-birthday! You’re 3 months younger than me! I still have trouble believing I’m in my 30s; it doesn’t help–or hurt–that some people still think I’m a college student!

    Regarding yoga podcasts, my favorite free ones from iTunes are Phillip Urso, Dave Farmar, and Yoga Journal. I actually haven’t done a podcast in nearly a year, and I just logged on to check out the selection and there are A LOT more than there were last year! The problem is that sometimes you don’t know how good something is going to be until you’re a few minutes into it…like the time I wanted a gentle practice for my hips, chose “Yoga for the Hips,” but halfway into it realized the practice was one to strengthen, not relax, the hips. 😛

    I should note that Dave Farmar and Phillip Urso are audio-only podcasts, which I prefer to video, because then I end my craning my neck and am focusing more on looking at the screen than actually being in my practice. You have to know your Sanskrit for the audio ones! Yoga Journal has both options.

    • Cool! I couldn’t tell how old you were from your photos…I assumed you were approximately my age. And I was RIGHT! Go me! 🙂

      Thank you SO much for the suggestions (that request was mostly directed at you :P). I can’t wait to give them a try! I did one by Yoga Download yesterday, and it wasn’t bad in terms of talking you through (I feel the same way re: video). I could have done a *slightly* more challenging one -it really was for beginners, and it talked you through EVERYTHING. But it was just nice to have someone talking me through anything at all, really. I’ve been to exactly one yoga class in the past 5 years. I’ll give your suggestions a try this week!

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