Inspiration Tuesday: Deep magic, chills, and tearful smiles

Happy Tuesday!

As I went through my “Inspiration Tuesday” folder today I was struck by the absolute beauty of the links I have to share today.

To begin with, here is a message from my favourite Goddess, Goddess Leonie. I needed to hear this so much today.

Here is a beautiful post by Brene Brown about holding space for the experience of veterans. As someone who is generally anti-war, I appreciate the way she illustrates our need to honour the human beings who wear the uniform, even if we take issue with what the uniform stands for. Take a moment and read the comments…they’re so beautiful and thoughtful.

In 3 Steps to Make a Bad Day Good, Cat Li Stevenson of Tiny Buddha tells a story of a truly horrendous morning, and then gives us 3 things we can do to stop a downward spiral in its tracks. I have to tell you, I have my fair share of downward-spiral days (with FAR less provocation than she did in her story), and these steps actually work. Now, if I can just keep remembering to use them…

Here’s something I can add to my “OMG, I am SO going to do this!” list: A Life List! Actually, I already had that on my to-do list, inspired by Goddess Leonie. But hey, here’s another reminder that life lists are awesome and should be done by everyone: Mighty Life List by Mighty Girl! Expect to see my version sometime in the next little while (how’s that for specific?!) BONUS: At the end of the list, you’ll find a “how to” article with tips on how to start your own life list (YES!), plus all of the articles involving the checked-off items on her life list. I LOVE THIS!

Speaking of things I love, here is a gorgeous article by Danette Relic on Reclaiming the Depth of Pretty Things. Thank you, Danette, for making me feel like it’s actually a GOOD idea to buy the thing I love (whatever it may be) instead of the Sensible Option. Obviously, budgets are important to consider, but sometimes you need to go with the purple, sparkly suitcase. Even if it costs more. Just because it makes you smile every time you use it. Hells yes! 😀

Sometimes the beauty is in the little things that are so easy to miss. In The Art of Noticing, Magpie Girl tells about one moment made magical by a girl who noticed. “What if your days were not just a blur, but a symphony?”
…what an amazing question.
Magpie Girl is offering an e-course called The Art of Noticing: A 30 day practice group for savoring your life. It runs from May 1-30, and it’s $30. It sounds completely and utterly magical.

And HERE is an example of some things you might see if you take the time to notice what’s around you. I am completely in love with this post. It makes me want to go on adventures with my camera! Thank you, Jennifer! ❤

I can’t seem to get enough of Rachael Maddox’s posts these days. Everything she writes gives me chills. This post in particular, Room For It All, gave me goosebumps. And the first comment afterward made me cry. Thank you, Rachael, for reminding us that there is room for all of our stories, for all of our truths, no matter how painful or closely-guarded. And thank you, Barb, for sharing so deeply and bravely.

See? I told you. Deep magic, chills and tearful smiles this week.

Here is a lovely post by Andrea at ABC Creativity where she talks about confronting the inner mean lady. You know the one, the one who yells at you when the laundry doesn’t get put away (or done at all) and the dishes don’t get washed. She’s been an increasingly loud voice in my head since Xander was born, and it was nice to know that it’s not just me…and that maybe, just maybe, I don’t want to be the person she’s trying to make me be. That’s not something I’d ever thought about before, so this is a Big Deal.

And, on a related note, Jodi at Play Crane reminds us that we have permission to PLAY.

Thank you for the reminder, Jodi!

And…finally…a couple of videos! Of course!

A trailer for “Opening Our Eyes,” a documentary that I definitely want to see:

And, because it is possibly my favourite children’s book of all time, and because I just came across it again after forgetting it existed, the video version of Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman:

And that, my dears, is my Tuesday round-up of amazingness.

Have a great one!




6 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Deep magic, chills, and tearful smiles

  1. ::bowing with hands in anjali mudra::

    Thank you for being inspired by my post! I’m honored. And I have to bookmark this post of yours and return to it when I have time to visit all the other links!

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