Inspiration Tuesday: Dancing Mamas Check-in and Link Magic

Happy Tuesday!

What a day! My Dancing Mamas Tribe is undergoing a minor renovation this week: we’re changing time slots! After 3 weeks of hauling my family out of bed an hour early and dragging them to the studio for 8:30…it occurred to me that possibly the lack-of-attendance issue was due to the fact that MY CLASS WAS TOO EARLY. Imagine! So we’re rectifying the situation. From now on, Dancing Mamas Tribe meets at 10:15am on Tuesdays…I’m in the process of changing over all of my announcements to indicate this (fun times).

This is good! I’m happy to have learned a very valuable lesson. I’m also thrilled that I’m not kicking myself particularly hard about this. Very unlike my usual patterns.

I swear it’s all because of this song right here. Amen, sister!

How’s that for an Inspiration Tuesday kickoff?! Hehe!

Here are some beautiful things that have rocked my world and made me think twice this week:

Andrea Schroeder at The Creative Dream Incubator reminds us that our dream is growing (it is! it is! YAY!!!)

And here’s someone else whose dream is growing: Sara Lacy. She’s about to head off to a very-prestigious art program in France. If you donate $20 or more toward her tuition, she’ll take you with her in her suitcase! WICKED.

Now here’s something that will keep you busy for hours:
Kind Over Matter’s Kind Kindred series. Fifty-four articles by different and amazing creative beans. I haven’t even scratched the surface of these treasures…sooooo much goodness there!

Speaking of Creative Beans, Havi Brooks shares how a seemingly frivolous arts and crafts project led to unexpected magic. Havi’s posts have a vocabulary all their own…and I LOVE it. Click the link for fractal flowers, rabbit holes, treasure maps, monster negotiation, and shoes (it all makes sense, trust me).

Here is a brand-new-to-me site that I will probably end up linking to again and again! What loving yourself really means on cynosure…a lot of food for thought here!

There was a definite theme this week…here is a post on loving our stomachs that sort of made me want to give my midsection a big hug. Another new blog for me, and one I want to explore! Expect to see more of in coming posts!

(No, I’m not pregnant…this is my belly back in early 2008. Pregnancy was one of the few times I really DID love my belly)

Quick question: Are you breathing? No, seriously, when was the last time you took a deep breath. Try it right now…does it feel unfamiliar? Because, I gotta tell you, I just took one and my poor body went “Oh, THAT’S what oxygen feels like! More please!”

This week, I read this article called Can You Breathe and Write at the Same Time? My answer is no, not really. And apparently I can’t read, cook, do chores, watch TV, draw, play Lego, or bathe either. Not good. *deep breaths*

A few more things I am loving this week (would you believe me if I told you that every week I have to pare down my link list by about half?! Because it’s true!)

Check out the lovely Jenn Hicks’s Everybody Dances Show and Tell Contest! Awesome! I haven’t decided on my entry yet, but I most certainly will be participating! You should too! Because EVERYBODY dances, and that’s something to celebrate!

(…dancing baby Xander…so proud of being able to stand. AWWW!)

Here is a quick reminder from the courageous Kate Swoboda.

Here is a beautiful post by Rachael Maddox (I am such a huge fan!) about love and self-forgiveness.

Here is an incredibly brave post by the wonderful Ellie all about the process of forgiving herself (this was another theme this week, clearly)

And, finally, here is an amazingly beautiful film for Earth Day:

(Taken from

And that is just some of the magic that fell into my Inspiration Folder this week!





5 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Dancing Mamas Check-in and Link Magic

  1. Eep! Thank you for including me, Meg. This is a terrific selection of web stuff you’ve compiled. (And I’m glad I found you, too, as a result!)

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