Podcast Fun! and Collage Magic: Right Brain Business Plan Part 1

Before we begin…GUESS WHAT! I am a guest on today’s episode of Creative Living With Jamie! Click the link or the badge in the sidebar to listen! YAAAAAY!!! Thank you, Jamie, for being such a magically spectacular host! ❤

And now…Pssssssssst!

Want to see what I’ve been working on lately?

This, my friends, is the beginning of my Right Brain Business Plan (except for the rainbow flower…that’s a creative journalling page that I LOVE but can’t share in detail because it’s a top-secret e-course thingy). The plan is currently occupying one corner of one of the walls in my office/the guest room. By the time it’s done, it will probably take up the entire wall. On a side note, maybe I should invest in some sticky tack so as not to COMPLETELY DESTROY the apartment’s paint job…

I’m working through the book chapter by chapter with some other Goddesses in the Goddess Circle. I love that we can all share the process as we go along, and I think it will become even more important when things get a little trickier (I’m just heading into Chapter 3 now, and I’m finding the whole “look at your competitors and your business challenges” thing a titch scary). From an outside perspective, it might seem weird that you can gain clarity and insight through collage…but try it someday.

Anyway…let’s explore!

1. Big Vision Collage.

The first exercise you do is a guided visualization of your dream business. I’ve done these before, but it’s only been in the past few months that I’ve gotten an image that feels completely right. This really worked for me. After the visualization, I started going through magazines and cutting out words and images…and here’s the result:


Part of the visualization involved defining the core values of our business. We had the option of making a separate deck of “Values cards” to illustrate them, and I LOVED this idea. Here they are:

And, finally, we worked through some journalling exercises to create our “Passion and Purpose Proclamation” (which is sort of like the core manifesto of your business)

And here’s the result of that:

That’s all I’ve done so far. Having it hung on my wall is so great because every time I go into my office, I smile. It’s also where I do my dance practice, and it’s like all of these little voices whispering encouraging words while I move.


12 thoughts on “Podcast Fun! and Collage Magic: Right Brain Business Plan Part 1

  1. This is absolutely awesome, Meg. I especially love your value cards. To be clear about one´s values is really IT, I feel.
    I am a little behind but your work is really inspiring and i hope to head into collaging soon. I must look up that guided meditation, I somehow have missed it.

    Good luck to your unfolding business.
    Goddess love.

    • Hi Cerise!
      Thank you! And I agree re: values. Having a compass point to come back to when I’m feeling stressed and indecisive (which is a LOT…I’m a Libra :P) is SO helpful.

      You can get an mp3 version of the Big Vision Visualization if you go to the RBBP site and sign up for the newsletter. I highly recommend it…I found it WAY more effective than reading the visualization in the book.

      You can do it!
      Goddess Love! ❤

  2. Wow. Amazing. Your collages are, like, the epitome of collage for me. (No, seriously! I mean it, really and truly.) Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing! (And congrats on the podcast!)

    • Wow! Thanks, Kerry! I love that I can play like this and really feel that it’s serving a greater purpose (don’t get me wrong, just playing is great…but this has an extra level that I’m really enjoying!)


  3. Hello, Meg! I too am going through the Right Brain Business Plan with the Goddess Circle. I love how all of your work for Chapter 2 has turned out! I have my core values and I am about to make the cards for them. Thanks for the inspirational kick in the butt to get me motivated! 🙂

  4. Wow! Your collage and cards came out totally a-mazing! I love that you have so many powerful words to go with those great images in the Big Vision Collage. Beautiful!

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