Inspiration Tuesday: the “Quick, make me feel better about how that election went!” edition

Happy Tuesday!

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not feeling particularly happy today. Kind of feel like moving to a different country. Kind of worried about the legacy that Xander will inherit once this new government is through with Canada. But hey, maybe things will be fine, and anyway let’s distract ourselves with Internet Awesomeness! OK?

OK, let’s do this.

In How To Get More Things Created By Ignoring Everybody, Goddess Leonie shares her own avoidance story and urges us to stop procrastinating and create the thing we want to create. (It’s possible that you’ll ask yourself “But what if I don’t know WHAT I want to create?!” to which I believe Leonie would reply “Dearest Heart, just begin. Do whatever your heart calls you to do in this moment, and that will be perfect” Or something like that <3)

And if you’re still feeling intimidated, here is a post that should be read by anyone who has ever had a big idea or a creative dream, Ken of Ken and Paper shares his plans to build a Museum of Awkward Beginnings. You know all of your creative idols? And the people you studied in school? Yeah, they all started out just like you.

I know this is true because I once took a semester-long class on George Orwell, and let me tell you that guy’s early works? NOT BRILLIANT. Seriously.

Here is a story of an experience that I can so so SO relate to. Saying Yes To Life by The Organic Sister talks about what happens when life asks “Are you Ready?” and you say “Yes!” This actually happens. It’s happening to me. And it was exactly what I needed to read.

There’s something I want to tell you:

You are magnificent. You are amazing. You are stunningly beautiful and a total miracle.

Yes! You are!

This week, Zen At Play shared a glorious (and free) e-book all about you (and me). Quick quick quick, go and download 23 Things you might not know about you. You will be glad you did.

Here’s a post that I adore: what nourishes you (part 1) by Kate Swoboda investigates the resistance we feel when we try to start living healthy. I run into this All. The. Time. I love Kate’s approach of finding the things that we love to do that are also good for us instead of powering through and berating ourselves for not-liking something. Although…the amount of resistance I’m feeling these days is probably a good indication that some MAJOR self-care is needed in my life. Who’s not surprised? Oh yeah…me, that’s who.

Here’s a woman who has certainly found what nourishes her! In Back to the Beginning, Megan Matthieson of idanceiwrite investigates the process of going to ballet class and what it means to her. Even though I don’t do ballet any more, and even though my body is happier not doing ballet, I can relate to what she’s saying. And she says it so beautifully. We need more people writing about dance this way.

And speaking of writing, in The Six Steps to World-Changing Writing, Kyeli shares insight and inspiration for people who want to change the world with their writing. This e-book is FABULOUS all on its own, but it’s actually an excerpt from the World-Changing Writing Workbook, which is a companion to the World-Changing Writing Workshop. This workshop looks so amazing that I actually break out in goosebumps whenever I read the description. If writing is your thing, you should definitely check it out (there’s also a chance to win a scholarship to the course if you sign up for the mailing list and apply by tonight at midnight…).


Friday was International Dance Day! Here’s the Flash Mob that took place in Toronto:

Here is a new video by the Dutch National Ballet. I don’t know what it is about this video, but I could NOT take my eyes off it.

And finally, here is The Wayseer Manifesto. I sent this to Matthew on his birthday, and he told me that it was the best birthday present he had ever received. Which is saying something 😉

Have a wonderful day!




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