Inspiration Tuesday: The pencil-necked weasel edition

Happy Tuesday!

Here, you deserve an award. Why don’t you pick one out?

(As the mom of a toddler who just chucked a WALL of Duplo at me and my laptop, I PROUDLY claim this award. What’s your favourite?)

OK, I don’t know Thing 1 about paint writing, but this collection of GORGEOUS journal pages by Silky Hart (the collection is by her, but the pages are by all kinds of people) certainly makes me want to learn more! Go check out the beauty!

Every so often a post comes around that I read and it changes my life. “Put this on the stop-doing list” by Kate Swoboda is one of those articles. If you work yourself into a regular tizzy about the messy house, the laundry, the kid’s sleeping habits…GO AND READ THIS. Then print it out and stick it on your fridge and sigh with relief whenever you see the list of the “Top Ten Things that You Could Stop Making Into a ‘Problem'”.

You know what I love? I love it when amazing creativity comes out of a crappy situation. Not that I love crappy situations, I don’t…I just love it when they get turned on their head or end up producing cool things. For example, the drama that resulted from a Minnesota politician calling Neil Gaiman names in a public forum (he SO should have known better than to take on a writer) has led to the creation of this AMAZING pencil-necked weasel! The eBay auction ends this afternoon, so HURRY UP AND BID if you want it and have more than $200USD lying around.

I know I’m a little late for Mother’s Day, but this post by Rachael Acklin was beautiful (read the comments and marvel at the amazingess of mom-entrepreneurs).

Here is a beautiful guest post by Tara Gentile (on Kind Over Matter) about success and the magic that happens when we hold those feelings in our heart. Amen, sister!

After my Dancing With Failure post last week, my friend Corinne sent me this comic from xkcd. I LOVE it! And I say YES! EXACTLY!!!! Let’s all focus on doing the things we want to do instead of on being “great.”

Video time!

Here is a gorgeous reminder to Live Big from Goddess Leonie

(this was a guest post on Creative Every Day, which is a site I keep meaning to visit more often!)

And here is another International Dance Day flashmob, which I ADORE:


Have a great one!




10 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: The pencil-necked weasel edition

    • Hi Silky!
      YAY! And thank YOU!
      I love your blog! I drop in every so often, and I always find something new that inspires me!
      (I need to work on that whole “leaving comments” thing… :P)


    • Actually, my thing is I have too many things. Jack of all trades, master of none, sort of thing. Comics seems to be fairly consistant in my life, so I’ll go with it.

      • LOL.
        Dancing, writing, yoga (or wishing I had space and time for yoga), crafting, cooking, collage….

        ….yeah, I have NO idea what you’re talking about πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  1. “Let’s all focus on doing the things we want to do instead of on being β€œgreat.””

    I love that! And I have an inkling that doing the things we love, and staying in our personal “zone,” helps to make us great.

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