Inspiration Tuesday: Unbearable Beauty

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s some of the magic I found on the net this week:

This quick little post by Neil Gaiman on is achingly beautiful.

Medicinal Marzipan had me at the title of this blog post: It’s OK for You to Have Everything That You Want ( although I, like the author, have trouble believing this).

And…oh my…wait until you read this post by the unbelievably amazing Dances With Fat: Dancer’s Body and Other BS. I have a lot to say about the idea of the Dancer’s Body and the preoccupation with physique in the dance world (having been a victim of it myself), but for now I just want to say YES YES YES YES YES to everything that Ragen wrote, especially this:

Do you dance?Β  Do you want to?Β  Then you have a dancer’s body.

YES. Just…YES.

Photographer Darrah Parker recently reminded us all of her classic post “Do you know how beautiful you are?” and for some reason I was reminded of this photo from Xander’s third morning home with us, when I’d gotten a total of 1.5 hours of sleep all night. Because I’m pretty sure the answer to Darrah’s question was “No,” at the time, and yet…when I look at this photo I know what she means.

(And yes, I know he doesn’t look like he’s less than a week old. The kid was almost 10 lbs at birth. I’ve met 4 month olds who weigh less than he did when he came out!)

And here is a post that made my breath catch in my throat. I have a collection of articles by other people that I want to write responses to. This one just got added to the list: In Every Motion by Rachael Maddox.

Who do you get to be when you dismiss the things–large and small–that insult your sweet soul?

What an amazing question. And what a beautiful Walt Whitman quote! This post needs to be read again and again…and then thought about for a while…and then read again for good measure.

Andrea at Creative Dream Incubator shared a beautiful story this week…about a cliff and a fairy and trust vs fear. Go read it.

And if you feel called to grow your creative dream, check out her latest Creative Dream Incubator course. It starts this week, and registration ends tomorrow. I took the first Creative Dream Incubator course, and it was incredible. It changed my life. Andrea is a genius.

And, finally, here is a video and a mission (should you choose to accept it):

Remember Nederlands Dans Theatre? I think they’re my most-shared videos on the blog. They’re just so AMAZING. Here’s a reminder:

They’re in danger of losing half of their funding from the Dutch Council for Culture, and being downgraded from an (inter)national dance company to a “regional dance amenity.”

This would be a great loss not only to the Dutch people, but also to the rest of us. NDT are one of the greatest and most innovative modern dance companies in the world. They have an online petition that you can sign Here.

Have a marvelous first-week-of-June! If you find anything magical on the Interwebs, please come by and share it!




10 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Unbearable Beauty

  1. Thanks for pointing us toward the Dances with Fat blog. I loved watching the video of her dancing the two-step to “Baby Got Back”! The particular post you mentioned reminded me of a comment my mom once made about a local yoga teacher who was featured in the newspaper. My mom saw the photo and said, “She’s a little chunky, eh? Doesn’t look much like a yoga teacher!”
    I don’t even need to get into why this irked me beyond belief!

  2. It’s funny β€” I was actually thinking how TINY Xander looks in that photo!

    Thanks for more great links, Meg! πŸ™‚

    • Hehee!
      You’re welcome! πŸ˜€

      See, I have two perspectives on Xander’s size in that photo:
      1. OMG, he was SO WEE! Look how wee he was! AWW!
      2. OK, that kid does NOT look newborn-sized. Small, yes, but not newborn-sized. At least not compared to the ones I’ve seen recently!

  3. Hey Meg! I met you at Andrea’s Weekly Monday Intention Space and have followed your blog ever since. We share the same dancing and writing passion πŸ™‚ And mothering at the same time too πŸ™‚ My daughter is 2,5y old now, it keeps being unbelievable how they grow and learn. Like: every day!!!

    Well anywayz….before I start chatting along: I wanted to invite you to my give away party on my blog to celebrate (thx Andrea for that word!) my first video post ever πŸ™‚ Feel free to drop by and try your luck in winning the super extended personal oracle cards reading!!


    • Hi Nele!
      Cool! I’m so glad you commented! I can’t wait to check out your blog!

      Isn’t this age insane?! I can practically see Xander’s brain growing! It’s amazing!

      As soon as bedtime is done, I’ll be hopping on over to your blog πŸ˜‰


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