Inspiration Tuesday: The Deep Introspection Edition

Happy Tuesday!

I had an amazing time this past week, finding things to share with you!  Things kept leaping off the screen at me and begging to be passed on!


In this beautiful article, Anne Lamott reminds us that the life we want is achievable right now…if only we’d make space for it.

In a piece that made me grin and jump up and down, Joy Rebel Leader Brandi Reynolds invites us all to look at the things that bug us about our imperfect selves and our imperfect lives and say “SO WHAT?”:

Let’s lay down and walk away from this idea of perfection once and for all. Let’s relax and be honest about our adorable imperfectness.

Adorably imperfect. I LOVE IT! 😀


In on safe harbours, swimming demons, and facing your own stuff, Kelly Diels writes about her observations of a person living with past trauma…and how we all carry the scars of our negative experiences with us. This is a powerful piece of writing. Very few things make me cry when I read them, but this did. Just beautiful.

Here’s an article that I found thanks to my friend Corinne: former palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware shares the five regrets she hears most often in her career …which is inspiring and beautiful on top of the sadness.


And Danette Relic writes on Roots of She, inviting us to explore the secret dreams of our hearts.

If I died without ever doing this, would I regret not having that experience?

…is a question that is making me want to revisit my Life List and add a bunch of secret dreams.

On a lighter note, here is a collection of amazing free stuff you can download. From e-books to posters to worksheets to fun scrapbooky graphics…check this stuff out because there’s something here for everyone.

And, finally, if you’re feeling like doing some deep introspection of your own this month, here’s something you might consider signing up for:

Trust 30 is sending out daily writing prompts this month, all written by creative thinkers and all based on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s book Self Reliance. I haven’t officially signed up…yet…but I do find myself checking out the prompts on an almost-daily basis. So I may end up joining late…we’ll see.

And that’s what jumped into my folder this week. Enjoy! And if you see anything magical on the internet, please share it!




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