Letting My True Self Out… (a post-response)

As you know, I am always on the hunt for Inspiration Tuesday magic. But sometimes I find a post that I want to do more with. I don’t just want to pass it on, I want to play with it and explore it and share what I find in the process. So consider this the first of a series of post-responses. I’ll share a post that made me think, play with it a little bit, and then invite you to do the same (some of these posts will be a little older, because I have a backlog of them that I’ve been aching to explore).

Here’s the first one:
You can let your true self out by Rachael Maddox

Who do you become when you let your true self out?

When I let my true self out…

I can dance. Always. Everywhere. Boldly.

...even on buses.

I can speak and write my truth with courage.
I can calmly defend my beliefs and boundaries.
I am equal parts vulnerability and confidence.
I can wear every colour of the rainbow.

I can talk to strangers.
I can listen with compassion.
I can process criticism while remaining centred in my own beliefs.
I can stop and rest.
I can move without urgency.
I can question “common sense.”
I can ask “So What?” and “Why Not?”
I can follow my instincts.
I can shine my light in the world.

I can state my opinion instead of saying “I don’t know, what do you think?”
I can process past hurts and release them fully.
I can heal myself and help others heal.
I can forgive.
I can go on adventures. I can invite magic in.

Beauty is all around us.

When I am seized with wild bursts of inspiration, I can leap joyously to answer the call.

I can share the love and pass it on.

When I let my true self out, I become a dancer, writer, artist, lover, mama, friend, wayseer, rebel, healer, and goddess. I become…well, myself, really. All my favourite parts of me combined. 🙂

How about you? Who do you become when you let your true self out?


6 thoughts on “Letting My True Self Out… (a post-response)

  1. Hello there from Croatia!

    When I let myself be me I put some fun girly music on and dance around my room, go through my closet trying things on and end up finding beautiful new outfits! call up old friends to just say hi, watch old Disney movies (a lot! haha), light candles, do my nails, I get very flirty and giggly and almost everyone I see gets a huge smile… Everything is just perfect throughout the whole day 🙂

    Thank you for this post, it really got me in my mood for the day!
    Love, Ivana

    • Hi Ivana!
      Thanks for commenting! Croatia! WOW! It’s so easy to forget that people can read this from anywhere in the world! What a fantastic reminder! 😀

      I LOVE your response! That sounds like so much fun!
      And I hope you have a fantastic day!


  2. Glad you like it 🙂
    Yeah its funny what the Internet does to the world, it seems like we all live in a global village hehe

    I forgot to tell you that you inspire me with all that courage you’ve got just lying about 🙂 Send me some, I could use it for studying lol.

    Enjoy your day (I see you got up early)!
    Love, Iv

    • Hehe! You know, it’s so true, and I think online it’s easy to forget that we’re not in an *Actual* village! I was listening in on an afternoon teleclass today, and one person mentioned that it was actually 2am where they lived! (but yes, I did get up early…I’m ruled by my toddler-son’s schedule, and today that involved waking up at 6:30. *yawn*)

      I’m so glad that dropping by made you feel inspired! Courage is contagious…I’ve spent a lot of time this year reading posts by other bloggers, and THEIR courage rubbed off! Seriously! It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

      Good luck with studying!


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