Inspiration Tuesday: Hearts, coffee, kindness, and a kick in the pants

Happy Tuesday!

This past week has had some high highs (A teleclass with SARK! A huge boost in traffic! SO MUCH COMMENT LOVE!) and some low lows (Tummy bugs for all! Ants!). Luckily, it also came with a heaping dose of internet magic! Here’s what I found for you this week:

This post by Rachael Acklin of Brand Harmony Studio is the text equivalent of the espresso pictured above, only with more hearts.

In this post, Sara of Soul Spackle talks about going BIG…and then proceeds to do it. Her completely redesigned site launches TODAY. There will be NINE days of giveaways and a whole summer of awesome-inspiring posts. Go take a look! I can’t wait to see it!

Here (via guest post by Amanda Fall on Kind Over Matter) is a sweet reminder about our power for good in the world, and how the smallest act of kindness can have a huge ripple effect.

Promise me this, will you? Never think your contribution isnโ€™t good enough, big enough, far-reaching enough. The gentle words you share with someone who grieves? The banana bread you bake for a neighbor? The weary smile you offer at the end of a difficult day, knowing that the stranger probably needs compassion too? Thatโ€™s where healing begins.

YES. This is such an important reminder.

My dear friend Kerry sent me the link to this site, and I love it. The book, Newspaper Blackout, looks awesome…and the blog…well, I could spend hours on it. So. Much. Fun. I am in love with his office. LOVE.

Every so often, Goddess Leonie posts her own collection of online magic. I wait for them with bated breath because they are always fantastic. Her latest one has some awesome stuff in it. And I promise I’m not just saying that because I’m in it. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Here’s a new one! Miriam at Brave posts regular tidbits of encouragement and inspiration. Who couldn’t use a little more encouragement? Sign me up!

And here is a beautiful little dance by GraceKaya, who was my first-ever Inspiration Tuesday feature.

Have a spectacular week! And if you find some magic on the Internet, come back and share!




10 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Hearts, coffee, kindness, and a kick in the pants

  1. I did the newspaper black out thing with a journal entry of mine! I spewed out everything that was bothering me out on the page, and it was three pages of really negative stuff. So I painted over the words in a soothing blue, leaving the words that I wanted to focus on, so I could look reinterpret my troubles more positively.

      • Yes, I actually started doing that because of her. I’ve never been very good at traditional journaling, but I really like the way that she does it and decided to try it out! I find it very soothing.

        PS-I found her site through you! Hooray!

  2. The GraceKaya video came at a perfect time. I was at the park a few days ago and was inspired to move so freely like that but was held back by fear of what others around me would think. I aspire to be more public with my movement, so bold and free!

    • YES!
      I love her videos.
      That one was a last minute addition, because I hadn’t checked her channel in a while, and my intuition suddenly told me to go and look.
      I’m glad I included it! Seeing someone dancing in public always makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice stuff. I really liked the small acts of kindness post about the free stuff. Also, though I didn’t look at everything she linked, I was really touched by the blog post about trusting your mama instinct that Leonie shared. I wish I could take photos of my children like that.

    Glad you enjoyed the Newspaper Blackout site. ๐Ÿ™‚

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