Join the Dancing Mamas Tribe!


What is the Dancing Mamas Tribe?

As the mom of a baby, and now of a toddler, I have had an insanely hard time getting out to a dance class. Seriously, even now I keep trying to get to them…and it just doesn’t happen. If there’s a morning class, there’s the childcare issue. If there’s an evening class, there’s transportation and bedtime to deal with. I want to go…but really, I make it out once in a blue moon (or, more specifically, twice in the past 3 years).

I don’t think I’m alone here.

Dancing Mamas Tribe was born out of my frustration. It’s time, space, and permission to show up with your little one(s) in tow and do your own dance with other mamas. No follow-the-leader. No nursery rhymes. No experience necessary. No such thing as “a bad dancer.”

Dancing Mamas Tribe is a totally judgement-free zone where all dance is welcome and all dancers are perfect just as they are. No need to get a babysitter (unless you want to) or worry about bedtime. Babywearing and nursing completely welcome. Pauses for diaper changes/potty breaks expected.

Come get your groove back with other mamas! I hope you’ll join me on the dance floor!

The Juicy Details:

Sunday, JULY 17     2:30-3:45pm*
Prospect Road Community Centre’s Dance Studio
2141 Prospect Rd, Prospect, NS

$10/pay what you can (children dance for free)

Saturday, JULY 23    TWO SESSIONS: 1:30-2:45pm and 3:15-4:30pm*
Thomas Raddall Room, Keshen Goodman Public Library
330 Lacewood Dr, Halifax, NS

$10/pay what you can (children dance for free)

*Studio will be open to dancers 15 minutes before class begins. Come on in, stow your gear, and settle into the space.

You can register for any or all of the sessions by filling out this form, or by calling me at (902) 489-3411


FAQ and important info:

What should I bring?
Bring your usual kid-toting paraphernalia, some water, and your beautiful, shining self!

What should I wear?
Wear whatever makes you feel like dancing, whether that’s a skirt or yoga pants! Anything goes!

Do I have to be a mama to come?
Nope! ALL women are welcome, regardless of mamahood, age, and fitness level. If you want to come, I want you to be there. Just know that there will be kids there…if kids freak you out, this may not work for you.

What if I want to leave my kids at home?
DO IT! Come and dance on your own! It’s the same price whether it’s just you, or you and four kids. Do whatever feels best for you!

So…how does this work exactly?
We’ll start by gathering together in a circle, we will get centred in the space, and I will make encouraging noises (I am very good at encouraging noises). Then we’ll turn on the music and start with a couple of gentle songs to help us warm up. We’ll dance for just over an hour, and we’ll end with another circle. And yes, it’s totally fine if you can’t get your kids to stay in a circle. I know how that can be.

The point is to have a completely awesome and stress-free time. I will not “be mad” if you need to take a break at any point, or if you need to take your kid out for any reason, or if there’s a poop emergency or whatever. This isn’t your normal dance class, and there’s no learning curve or anything. So relax, and do whatever feels right in the moment. Take care of yourself and your body. And don’t forget to breathe!

There is no right or wrong way to do this. All you need to do is show up. It’ll be AWESOME.

Final note:

Please take good care of yourself and your things during the Dancing Mamas Tribe. Listen to your body, be aware of your kids in the space, and feel free to ask for help if you need it. Meg Goodmanson/Spirit Moves Dance is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury that occurs in association with the Dancing Mamas Tribe.

All sales are final.


2 thoughts on “Join the Dancing Mamas Tribe!

  1. Meg, this sounds great! I can’t wait to see how it goes.

    By the way, for the first half of my 5Rhythms class last night, I was 95% certain you were in the class with me. There was a new woman there, and I couldn’t really get a close look at her (we were both involved in our own little personal dances), but she kind of looked like you, or at least what I think you look like through the photos I’ve seen online. Honest to god, for the first 20 minutes I was convinced you had made an impromptu trip to the Northeast US, found out about the 5Rhythm class through its site on Meetup, and dropped in to dance. This woman was so in tune with her body, responding to every nuance of music, and I was bubbling up with excitement because I felt like I was dancing with you. It wasn’t till later in the class when I worked face to face with her, and then I noticed she was a bit older, maybe in her 40s, and it turns out her name is Nancy. (I was really hoping for her to say Meg, cause that would’ve been WILD.) I tried to explain to her what was going through my brain, how I thought she was someone else and how cool it was to dance with her because I felt like I was dancing with you, and I think I bewildered her more than anything! So, you may not have known it, but you were dancing the 5Rhythms with me last night! 🙂

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