Inspiration Tuesday: beautiful randoms, important questions, big love, and deep emotions

Happy Tuesday! And Happy Summer!

I have a TON of magic to spread around today! YAY! Let’s get right to it!

I came across two sites that have me going back again and again:

The first is Gimme Presence. Every time you click the little present icon, they give you a new tidbit to read. Sometimes it’s inspirational, sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s a little sad but full of perspective. It’s fun to see what comes up next. My favourite so far is: “In this moment, you’re perfect. Just the way you are.”

The other site is Poem Postcards, which is a fabulous father-daughter collaboration of photographs and original poetry. The main page is a slide show of postcard images, and they are SO AMAZING! I adore them. I want to buy all of them (and when our postal strike is over, I just might…)

Oh man…OH MAN. Take a look at this heart-wrenchingly lovely post by Darrah Parker. It’s a letter to her baby, and it’s all about her partner and their love story. I adore it. And I can totally relate.

Here is a quick reminder from The Organic Sister that had me going “You know? THAT IS SO TRUE!”

Pace and Kyeli at Connection Revolution have been rocking my world lately. In this post, Kyeli writes about her experience of being in a wheelchair. It’s eye-opening and anger-inducing (in the best possible way). Go read it. You’ll see what I mean.

And here’s a fantastic article from Pace about celebration vs transformation and knowing when something is worth making sacrifices for. Every time I read this post I love it more. Excuse me while I go read it again…

Imagine if you took the time and money you put toward vacations and instead put it toward something transformational, like moving to someplace you love

Oooh. Yes. I want to do that.

Video time!

Mesmerizing amazingness from Het Nationale Ballet (the Dutch National Ballet):

A video from GraceKaya which I adore. I especially love how it looks like she’s going to turn the camera off halfway through and then she changes her mind…and then it gets twice as awesome.

And, finally, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat today. It’s very close to my heart, for reasons I’ll get into someday. And I want to share it (but the video is just lyrics…so feel free to listen to it instead of actually watching it).

Every time I hear it, I have to dance. Or cry. Often both simultaneously.

And thatโ€™s the magic that I came across online this week! If you find anything awesome out there, please come back and share it!




2 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: beautiful randoms, important questions, big love, and deep emotions

  1. I LOVE the self-doubt thingy. Short, but so true. It took me a long time to figure this one out, being very argumentative in my younger days :p I felt a sort of sadness about this at one point because I thought, “I’m so much less passionate than I used to be,” but I realised that I’m just not as defensive, and I’m so much more calm and happy when I’m not trying to make sure that everybody knows that “I’m right” all the time.

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