Try this at home: The next step(s)

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I was having a terrible morning. My son was volatile, I was stressed and cranky, and things were bad. It could have spiraled into all-out Suck, but I did three things that fixed it (OK, four…I made hot chocolate, and I did these three things).

First, I wiggled my toes.

Then I grounded myself.

And then I took the next step. Literally. I walked.

A little back story:

The last time I performed onstage I was 24. I had already discovered Reiki. And I knew about how important grounding was. So when I had a truly hideous technical rehearsal for my pieces, I suddenly realized that the problem wasn’t being onstage again, being under-rehearsed, or even being nervous, it was not being grounded.

I was so not-grounded that I wasn’t even in my body at all, and I couldn’t get grounded by doing my usual visualization. So I spent the next few hours (when I wasn’t rehearsing or doing make-up) doing the following thing, and it worked so well that I ended up feeling more comfortable on that stage than I ever had before.

Sound good?

Here’s the magic walking exercise:

Focus on the pressure of your feet on the floor. Actively feel your soles pressing down into the floor as if you were walking on something slightly spongy. Hug the floor with your toes (this is sort of a combination of toe wiggling and grounding). Keep your knees slightly bent, and really feel your weight pressing down.

Now walk around like that.

Seriously, go about whatever you were doing, but keep your feet pressing into the floor. Hug the floor. Pause periodically to actively press your weight down. (You can make this into a dance…but that’s a whole other blog post)

I don’t know why this works so well, but it really does.

This would work even better if you were outside, but it does work, even on the second floor of a concrete building.

Looking beyond “success” and “failure”

This is the post I dreaded writing…and that ended up practically writing itself in the end.

I held two Dancing Mamas events this month. One last weekend, and one the weekend before. This was my second try…you can read about my first try and the lessons I learned here.

So…how did these ones go?

Just like last time, that depends on how you look at it.

Were they jam-packed money-making name-establishing phenomenons?


Did I get to dance with people I love, reconnect with someone I haven’t seen in years, and learn at least a dozen lessons to apply the next time I try?

Oh, yes. Absolutely.

Notebook full of notes. So many lessons!

On July 17 I set up in an absolutely beautiful studio just outside of Halifax. And no mamas came. But (and this is a Big Deal) one old student did come. This month I finally emailed all of my old DansKinetics students from back in 2007, and one of them was so excited to dance with me that she came out to Dancing Mamas. We had an amazing chat and a really great dance together. I played a completely different playlist just for her and me, and it was awesome.

The whole afternoon reminded me how much I loved the classes I offered when I was pregnant and how amazing the people were. It made me want to revisit the classes I offered that time around. It reminded me that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, even when you’re revamping your business. Thank you, Martina, for coming out and dancing with me.

On July 23 I set up in a crowded library in a residential area of suburban Halifax. And I ended up dancing with my old ballet studio-mate Omni and my friend Kerry and her small son Jonah. We had a fantastic time boogieing and chasing Jonah around.

I learned so much that afternoon: about how I was experiencing severe (and I do mean severe) resistance to really embracing the possibility of success, how I’m not sure if I have the details of Dancing Mamas quite right, about how the next time I try a library class I think I want to make it either free or as close to free as I can because it feels wrong to do otherwise.

And I also learned about the things I’ll bring next time: dry erase markers and extra business cards and cups for the water fountain. And about how awesome, supportive, and truly loving my friends are.

You can’t put a price on what I learned.

A handful of precious (and unexpected) gifts.

So, was the second round of Dancing Mamas Tribes a success?

I think that might be the wrong question.

It was exactly what I needed at this time and under these circumstances.

And that’s all that matters.

Inspiration Tuesday: Ten…no wait…ELEVEN nuggets of pure awesome

Happy Tuesday!

I have ten ELEVEN links to share with you today! Usually when I have a ton of links, they seem to have some kind of unifying theme or two…but not much is jumping out at me today other than the fact that they are all AWESOME. Check it out!

On her BareEarth fitness blog, Charlotte shared this AMAZING project called Endangered Species, which aims to save girls from the Pure Unadulterated Suck that is hating your own body. This is so very, VERY needed! Thanks for sharing, Charlotte!

I no longer believe in “writer’s block”.

On Connection Revolution, Kyeli talks about writer’s block…and how it doesn’t exist. I was live on the World-Changing Writers Workshop call when SARK talked about this, and it was a revelation.

Here’s one (with a misleading title) that made me teary: ‘Darth Vader’s’ Mom:We focus on today. No, they don’t actually mean Darth Vader. They mean the little kid who played him in the VW ads. This piece, and the video that goes with it, really made me remember how lucky I am to have my own little monster. (Super last-minute addition: Speaking of weep-inducing posts, have you SEEN this collection of portraits of gay couples just married in New York State?!?! Beautiful!)

Jen Louden blew my mind YET AGAIN with a brilliant post on “What am I meant to do?” and how it’s a totally useless and unproductive question. Yes, you heard me right. It’s got me thinking!

Rachelle Mee-Chapman at Magpie Girl wrote a post about laundry and Taking Notice that had me desperately missing my clothesline.

I promise not to be an ass to myself if it all goes wrong.

Lisa Baldwin at Zen at Play posted an article that helped me a LOT last week (for reasons that will become evident by the end of this week): Failure: there’s really no need to be an ass about it

Here’s an amazing website called Boy Sees Hearts. The title pretty much says it all. It’s beautiful.

I found a photo that Becky Higgins posted on her blog: Time Management Tips (based on videos by Julie Morgenstern). I know you’re not necessarily a mama, or a work-at-home-er, but it’s still a great list. As someone who is trying to be both, it was a fantastic reminder for me.

Each winter thousands of Lakota children huddle up on floors of delapidated trailors alongside elders to brave another freezing night. Within one week I have met over 20 youth who have told me that they have never slept in a bed.

Rachael at Madward Adventures posted about her work with other Re-Member volunteers, building beds for Lakota children. There’s a link that you can click to donate to the project…it only costs $50 to buy a bed for a child, but any amount at all is appreciated. Hint hint.

This week Goddess Leonie launched her Next Big Thing: The World’s Biggest Summit. It’s running in October (and thus is CLEARLY a birthday present for me), and it will feature 100+ of the world’s most inspiring teachers. And it’s free. You can go to the site and register right now! WAHOO!

That’s what leaped off the Net and into my folder this week! If you see anything magical during your online adventures this week, pop back and share it with me!