Inspiration Tuesday: The Independence Day edition (self-love, astonishment, perspective, and surrender)

Happy Tuesday!

I am especially thrilled with this week’s collection of magic. I’ll be revisiting them throughout the week, so don’t be surprised if you see me refer to them in later posts.

Sara at kicked off her Summer of Self-Love with an amazing 9 days of giveaways (I won a Parent Inspiration Tool Kit from Offbeat Family, and I am SO excited to try it!), and the awesome didn’t stop there! This week I want to direct you to not one, but TWO posts from SoulSpackle:

Surrender: Saying Yes by Sara


Summer of Self-Love: Be Crazy in Love With Yourself by Alexis Yael (whose site is HERE)

Go forth, my darlings, and read them. To be honest, I recommend bookmarking SoulSpackle and going there regularly…there’s so much magic to be found!

Miranda at StudioMothers keeps hitting the nail on the head in her posts! This one, I Surrender, is about the messiness of life and how it sucks SO much less when we stop resisting and just go with it. And that, I think you’ll agree, applies to everyone, parent or no. It’s a nice reminder that my life isn’t messy because I “can’t get it right,” it’s messy because that’s the way life really is. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. (that was a sigh of relief, not a scream of despair, I swear!)

The holiday weekend’s approach certainly brought out the “RAAR!” on the magical Interwebs! First, I found Hanne Blank’s BRILLIANT post about real women. And then I ran across a revised version of the Declaration of Independence by Meg Worden. AMAZING.

I hold these truths to be self evident:

I am not dependent on the opinions of others to determine my worth in the world.

I am competent and capable enough to provide myself with sustenance and a prosperous livelihood. I will not do work I hate. Life is too precious.

And if you really want a kick in the pants, check out Johnny B Truant’s post The universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about you, which is actually extremely motivating, I promise. It’s perspective with a vengeance.

And finally, Jen Louden rocked my socks with her post How to be Astonished Before 10am. I think I just found my next post to respond to…stay tuned for that!

And that’s what jumped into my folder this week! Have a great one, and if you find any magic on the Internet, come back and share it!



P.S. It’s SO not my usual Inspiration Tuesday fodder, but you MUST check out My Drunk Kitchen on Youtube. I adore her.  (But be warned, she’s quite swear-y…and HILARIOUS)


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: The Independence Day edition (self-love, astonishment, perspective, and surrender)

  1. Really, really great stuff this week, Meg!

    “The Universe…” post was especially meaningful to me. Loved it. 🙂 “How to be Astonished by 10am” was good, too, and the post about Real Women had me screaming “Yes!” in my head. Something I’ve complained about for a while now to Chris is the whole “Woman of Color” movement. To be a “Woman of Color”, one must be of African, Asian, Hispanic or basically anything EXCEPT Caucasian descent. We white folk, apparently, have no color. Ummm, hello? My skin is not photocopier-paper-white. it’s pinkish-beige with (way too many) light and darker brown freckles. That sounds far from “colorless” to me! I get really bothered by this. Chris doesn’t get it, and maybe no one else does either. Hence, I haven’t mentioned it to anyone else. 😛 But since that post was in a similar vein, I’ll share that now: I am NOT colorless!!

    *ahem* Thank you.

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