Inspiration Tuesday: Gratitude, dancing, playfulness, beauty, and butterflies

Happy Tuesday!

I have some absolutely beautiful things to share this week! Wait til you see!

Rochelle Schiek made me cry with her post “What happened after I got an assignment to write a list of 100 gratitudes“Just amazing.

Sara at Soulspackle posted a fantastic article from her archives: “Lost in the Dance,” which has me wanting to stop typing and dance (I actually did!), and also seriously consider giving up sugar (for real this time).

When I got home that night, I (…) kicked my shoes off and… was present in my body for the first time in over 18 months. Really, really present.

Oh. Hells. Yes.

On a similar topic, Brandi at Joy Rebel Yoga shared a guest post by Christine The Bliss Chick which I adored. I can totally relate, although I forget it all too often.

Lori-Lyn from Dream Life Wellness shared a post about the importance of our desires and how we can use play to welcome them into our lives. I LOVE this! I’m doing some thinking about how to play with this myself!

Delisa Carnegie from The Creativity Rebellion has a great post called You Are an Artist which ties in neatly with my posts about how Everyone is a Dancer πŸ™‚ I think we’re getting at the same thing here!

My darling husband sent me two links the other day that I just have to share: “Grains of sand magnified to 250 times real size” (they are BEAUTIFUL!) and “Guitar String Oscillations Caught on Video” (really really cool!). There is amazing beauty all around us, and the closer we look, the more beauty we can see.

And, finally, Kerry shared an incredible short film with me. Find a spare 20 minutes and watch this…it’s fantastic: The Butterfly Circus

That’s what I found this week! And don’t forget, if you find any magic on the Internet, send it my way! I love to see what other people come across!




6 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Gratitude, dancing, playfulness, beauty, and butterflies

  1. Wonderful list this week! 100 gratitudes and The Butterfly Circus made me cry like a little baby. And right on to You Are An Artist!

  2. Thanks for including the link I shared. πŸ™‚ I knew you’d like it!

    The “You Are An Artist” post is really making things even clearer in my head, you know. The blogger says if you’re doing things you LOVE, then you are an artist. What if you DON’T have anything you LOVE? (Not people, obviously, but activities/hobbies/abilities/skills/etc.) Whether you just haven’t found it yet or just really, truly lack passion for anything? Seriously.

    I still stand by my beliefs. But I’d love it if I didn’t understand. πŸ˜‰ Feel blessed and be blessed!

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