Inspiration Tuesday: Sometimes magic finds *you*

Happy Tuesday!

I’d like to start this week’s collection of Internet Magic with a video.

But Meg, you always END your posts with the videos!

True, but when I tried moving this tab to the end of the cue, my intuition told me not to. So here it is.

Maria Chapman of Pacific Northwest Ballet shares a bit about herself: her training, her career, her favourite roles. It sounds like the sort of video only a bunhead would find interesting, but do me a favour and give it a try. She says some truly beautiful things about her life and career.

Any astrologically-minded readers will know that Mercury Retrograde is upon us. I didn’t know this until I tweeted re: my plans to launch a new site at the end of August, and my friend Ellie Di warned me that it was a BAD time to start new projects. That made me nervous, until I did 2 things: a) rescheduled my site launch for September (no, I hadn’t mentioned that before, so consider this an announcement) and b) read this very helpful post. Now I feel better.

(image from Kind Over Matter...go to the site for more previews!)

Do you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? I don’t, but if I did I would DEFINITELY buy this: Wreck This App. Thanks to Amanda at Kind Over Matter for posting about it, because now I can get my husband to buy it and then I can steal HIS phone to play with it!

Sometimes I stumble across inspiration in the most round-about ways. I follow Jen Lemen’s Twitter feed, but I was mostly Twitter-dark this week, and I didn’t see her recent post, How to be Happy (Part Four)…instead, I got to it by seeing that a Facebook friend had joined a SARK-related FB group, then surfing over there and randomly reading some of the wall posts. And it was on there. And after a “coincidental” discovery like that, I don’t find it surprising that every single one of the items on this list resonated with me. Awesome.

Another post I found on this Wall Of Awesome was this post by Erica Staab.

When I appreciate each moment as it comes, when I recognize that there will always be reasons to celebrate and reasons to mourn, when I remember there is always beauty to be found, love to be shared, hope to be had I can say pretty much every day “Today was amazing”.

I needed to read that this week.

And another one I ran across on this truly epic wall was this one by Carol Finlayson. It’s about fear and fire walking. Yes. Fire Walking. It’s beautiful.

Alexandra Franzen just came back from her digital sabbatical, and she gave us this post. Part poetry, part vacation recap, it’s a great reminder of the magic that can happen when we just…unplug.

“Isn’t it possible,” I replied, “that people would know it’s okay to respond or share or speak up, regardless of the punctuation mark at the end of my sentence?”

Goddess Marissa Bracke made a post that anyone who has ever even thought about blogging can benefit from: Entirely possible. I’ve been struggling with some demons and doubts lately, and this post was a giant relief to read. Thanks, Marissa!

And, finally, this year’s World-Changing Writing Workshop wrapped up this week. I am a week behind on my listening, so I haven’t heard the final call yet, but when Pace tweeted the link to this xkcd comic that she mentioned in the call, I clicked it right away. And I’m so glad I did. Now I can’t wait to get to the call itself! (Note: I’m going to do a WCWW post once I’m finished with the calls and I’ve processed everything. Since there was SO MUCH in this 8-week course…expect to see that around my birthday in October. I’m not even kidding.)

And that’s the magic I found online this week! If you see anything that screams “Inspiration Tuesday!” please send it my way!




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