…and now it’s time to rest…

…I think the Internet’s trying to tell me something.

Last week, if you’ll recall, I found and shared this post.

And I told a friend that I was feeling like maybe I needed a short blog-holiday to get some perspective and catch my breath.

This week I found this post, and this post, and this one.

…a bit heavy-handed, this Universe of ours 😛

I love this 3-posts-a-week schedule of mine. It’s a great rhythm for me, and I don’t feel like I’m bursting with things to say that go unsaid for want of time (which I was starting to feel when I posted twice a week). But, here’s the thing: I’ve been posting regularly since January, and Mama needs a break.

I’m going on a 2-week blog-holiday. Part of that will probably be a full-on internet-holiday. I’m really doing it. Starting tomorrow.

But, since I have a couple more things up my sleeve, I’m scheduling 2 posts for next week. I have a reduced-version of Inspiration Tuesday to share (because I’ve already found some great stuff), and I have a 5Rhythms Friday post (I KNOW, right?! Awesome!). So you’ll only really miss me for the last full week of August. And then I’ll be back. Promise.

I’m wrestling with some fear on this whole break-taking thing. From what I’m reading, most bloggers and creative entrepreneurs do. They don’t want to be forgotten. They don’t want to lose momentum. I don’t want those things either. But I need to take a breath and prepare for September. September is always a HUGE month for me and Matthew. And I have some big plans that need some fully-dedicated time.

So…2 posts next week, then one week off, and then I’ll be back. Full of dreams and ideas and fresh insight. I can’t wait!

Be good while I’m away!




6 thoughts on “…and now it’s time to rest…

  1. I’m with Jennifer. You’re safe. We won’t forget. We’ll just be super excited when you’re back. You’ve got to listen when the universe speaks so clearly. There’s bound to be trouble of some sort when you don’t. Enjoy the rest.

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