Inspiration Tuesday: Money, Listening, Tools for Stuckness, and Beauty Everywhere

Happy Tuesday!

I’m currently on a blog-holiday, but I put this together ahead of time! I had some links saved up for you and I wanted to share (through the magic of post-scheduling). Enjoy!

Andrea from ABC Creativity shared a deeply insightful post about her own relationship with money…that basically has me convinced that when she does offer a course about being Creative With Money, I must do EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to join in so I can learn from her.

Dear Headologist:

What’s the deal with “hearing” and “listening”? I keep seeing them both all over the place, but they seem like they’re supposed to mean different things.  Aren’t they synonyms? When you’re paying attention to what someone says, that could be described with either word, right?

Listening In

Ellie Di, The Headologist posted an article about the difference between hearing and listening that I found truly helpful. I’ve heard an awful lot about witnessing and conscious listening, but no one ever gave me the “Ah ha! I’ve got it!” feeling that I got from Ellie’s post.

Michelle at Meditative Arts re-posted an article about being stuck that she wrote 6 months ago, and it is definitely going in my “HELP!” folder for use in bad times.

In a similar vein, Goddess Leonie shared an older post via Twitter that is also going into my folder: 10 Ways to Fly Beyond Creative Dream Frustrations and Fears

Two more beautiful posts by Goddess Leonie round out this week’s post:
A true story of beauty (and a free poster!)


Beauty is Everywhere

Have a beautiful week!



P.S. A reminder: I’ve scheduled one more post for this week, on Friday, and then the blog and I will be back on August 30.


One thought on “Inspiration Tuesday: Money, Listening, Tools for Stuckness, and Beauty Everywhere

  1. *squish!* Aw, thanks, Meg! It makes me really happy that you got something wonderful out of that post. Conscious, active participation in communication is uber-extra-important! Thanks for sharing the love (and have a great blogcation)!

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