About Me

I had a whole spiel about all the schools I’ve studied at and the courses I’ve taken and all of that “resume” stuff. But really, here’s what you need to know:

-I love love LOVE to dance.
-I believe that dancing is MORE than learning steps…that everyone (yes, YOU) knows how to dance already, and that we just…forget. We get scared. We decide we “don’t know how” like it’s something that’s not in our very bones.
-I have struggled (still struggle) with that too.
-I refer to myself as a “recovering ballerina” because I am retraining my dancer self to stop viewing my dance from afar (AND CRITICIZING IT) and to just JOIN THE PARTY ALREADY!!
-Yes, I did the ballet thing for years. And then the modern dance thing. And then the ecstatic/healing dance thing. I do dance things…except when I’m avoiding dance things (like that helps).
-I have a whack of teaching experience. I’ve taught ballet and modern technique, improvisation, and Kripalu YogaDance. I’ve taught enough to know what I love to teach and what just isn’t my cup of tea. And that’s important.
-It really bugs me that “Creative Movement” classes are typically only offered to children under 5 when CLEARLY it’s the grown-ups who NEED it. Have you seen a kid under 5 dance? They ALREADY KNOW how to do “Creative Movement”!!!!
-I like capitalization, parentheses, and ellipses. And I use them in copious amounts on my blog.
-I have given myself the honourary title of Dancing Ninja. A dancing ninja (I have decided) is someone who dances EVERYWHERE. And I dream of leading an army of dancing ninjas who will transform grocery lines, traffic jams, and doctor’s waiting rooms across the world…into dance parties. Oh…my…yes.
-If you live in or near Halifax, I would love to dance with you! And if you don’t live in or near Halifax…I would STILL love to dance with you. I’m just working on figuring out how to do that via the magical Interwebs.



P.S. Want to know the nuts-and-bolts resume stuff? Here it is:

I am a certified Kripalu DansKinetics teacher, Reiki Healing Dance practitioner, and Reiki Master.  I have an extensive background in ballet, modern dance, and choreography, and I have studied with renowned dance faculties in Boston and New York, including Walnut Hill School for the Arts and the Limon Company.  I have taught ballet, modern dance, improvisation, and Kripalu DansKinetics here in Halifax, and I have performed several pieces of my own choreography in school performances in New York State, Massachusetts, and Halifax.

…but I prefer to be thought of as a dancing ninja…