Full Moon Dreamboards: When playing creates magic

Yesterday two of my best friends came over and we made Full Moon Dreamboards.

I’ve done these dreamboards a couple of times before, participating in Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboard online community. But I’d never done it with anyone in person before. And it was AWESOME. Here are some photos:

One of the best things I ever did was put a poster in the building lobby asking for magazine donations! I have an ENDLESS SUPPLY of collage materials! YAY!

Table all ready for magic!

Supplies! 🙂

Image collection nearing completion!

Everything coming together…


I hung it up in the guest room, which is being turned into my office (expect to see more photos of that in the coming weeks…I’m SO excited!).

There was something completely magical about the process of creating this month’s dreamboard. It was like our instincts took over and the left brain ceded control and let the right brain do its thing. And I am so unbelievably happy with the results. It turned out better than I could have imagined, and there’s this feeling of power around it…like it’s already working to bring these things into being.

Something really cool about this month was that I would find myself choosing an image instinctively and then my left brain would go “Oh! I know exactly what that image means to me!”…AFTER I had cut the image out. That means that, unlike last month’s board, I know what a lot of this board is about. For example:

-The bottom right corner is about health. As I wrote about the other day, I want my body to move naturally and joyfully every day.

-The picture with the candlelit table with wine glasses means that I want to go on a date with my amazing husband Matty SOON. Time to find a reliable babysitter! 😉

-and yes, my business logo made it in there too! Part of my plan this month is to revamp my business materials…the purple is outta there, and it’s going to be all rainbows all the time in my world!

Speaking of rainbows, one mystery on my dreamboard is the shelf full of rainbow-coloured bowls. I LOVE that picture, but I have no idea why. I wonder if I’ll know more about it by the next full moon…

This was such a fantastic way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon! I will definitely do it again. And, whether alone or in a group, I plan to keep making dreamboards.