Try this at home: The next step(s)

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I was having a terrible morning. My son was volatile, I was stressed and cranky, and things were bad. It could have spiraled into all-out Suck, but I did three things that fixed it (OK, four…I made hot chocolate, and I did these three things).

First, I wiggled my toes.

Then I grounded myself.

And then I took the next step. Literally. I walked.

A little back story:

The last time I performed onstage I was 24. I had already discovered Reiki. And I knew about how important grounding was. So when I had a truly hideous technical rehearsal for my pieces, I suddenly realized that the problem wasn’t being onstage again, being under-rehearsed, or even being nervous, it was not being grounded.

I was so not-grounded that I wasn’t even in my body at all, and I couldn’t get grounded by doing my usual visualization. So I spent the next few hours (when I wasn’t rehearsing or doing make-up) doing the following thing, and it worked so well that I ended up feeling more comfortable on that stage than I ever had before.

Sound good?

Here’s the magic walking exercise:

Focus on the pressure of your feet on the floor. Actively feel your soles pressing down into the floor as if you were walking on something slightly spongy. Hug the floor with your toes (this is sort of a combination of toe wiggling and grounding). Keep your knees slightly bent, and really feel your weight pressing down.

Now walk around like that.

Seriously, go about whatever you were doing, but keep your feet pressing into the floor. Hug the floor. Pause periodically to actively press your weight down. (You can make this into a dance…but that’s a whole other blog post)

I don’t know why this works so well, but it really does.

This would work even better if you were outside, but it does work, even on the second floor of a concrete building.

Try this at home: The Ministry of…*what*?

I’ve had a rough week.

I always forget that after I have a super-incredibly productive week, I need a TON of rest and self-care when it’s done. Last week was insanely busy, and I gave myself nowhere near enough time to decompress and rest this week…and the result?

Total mama-burnout. Raging, screaming, weeping, out-of-control mama burnout.

It was BAD, people.

(Want to know what distinguishes mama-burnout from just plain burnout? Nothing at all, really…except that your hideous mood is exacerbated by the knowledge that you are being cranky with your poor kid, and then that guilt makes you even crankier, which makes you meaner to your poor kid, and on and on and on. Just in case you were wondering if not-being-a-mama excludes you from this exercise…it doesn’t)

You know that mood you get in when you just want to run away from your life? Drop everything and just…go? Yeah, that’s the one I was in on Tuesday and Wednesday. Times a million. UGH.

Thank goodness for my incredible husband, who packed me off to a hotel for a night alone. I had a bath, watched So You Think You Can Dance, and went to sleep and woke up on my terms. Heaven.

But, obviously, I can’t run away to a hotel every time I hit severe burnout. Our budget just can’t handle that. I figure that the key is to NOT HIT SEVERE BURNOUT AT ALL. So I’m working on a master list of things I can do to a) include more self-care in my weekly routine and b) stop the spiral when I DO get cranky so that I can avoid the appearance of The Witch Mommy from Hades.

The list itself is still in progress, but here’s something that made the cut:

Be really, REALLY silly.

When I’m cranky or burnt out, the one thing that always always helps is silliness. So your assignment for today is all about finding the silly. Specifically:

That’s right. Make up a silly walk. You don’t have to do it on a city street, or anywhere other than your own home, but just give it a try. As silly as you can possibly make it. Here, I’ll even give you a soundtrack:

I love this so much that it’s up at the top of my list, right next to smudging and living room dance parties.

I’ll share some more of my list next week.

But for now? SILLY WALK.

Go for it! I DARE YOU.



P.S. Want to share YOUR self-care/reset-button activities? I would LOVE to hear them!