We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

I just wanted to let you know that my blog has MOVED! I’ll be at http://spiritmovesdance.com from now on. I have a forwarding service activated, so if you try to go to the wordpress.com site, you’ll end up at the new site.

I’m still working out kinks and organizing all the features I need over at the new site. I’ve set up the RSS feed and email subscription option at the new blog, but I can’t move my current subscribers over. Sorry about that! But I hope you’ll come over to  spiritmovesdance.com and check it out (and subscribe again!)…I’ve got big things planned!



…mark your calendars. Some news for you!

I’m very excited!

Stuff is cooking at Spirit Moves Dance!

And I have BIG plans in the works for a brand new site as well.

It’s going to be awesome !

Locally, I’ve set up two venues for Dancing Mamas in July (mark your calendars for the afternoons of Sunday, July 17 and Saturday, July 23, and look for details here or at my business site  this Friday), and I’m working on some new ideas for the fall.

In the Magical Realm of Internets, my shiny new space is going to launch near the end of August. I’ll give you the official launch date and tell you more as we get closer. My brain is kind of exploding with ideas at the moment 🙂

I’m absolutely bubbling with glee about all of this!

So, mark your calendars: July 17 & 23. And stay tuned for details. It’s going to be a big, BIG summer!



*Thank you to Sara at Soulspackle for being a kickass, super-inspiring, glitterbomb-tossing goddess!

Let’s Get Grounded: Growing Roots

I had so much fun writing that toe-wiggling post that I’ve decided to keep giving you fun things to try. These may be things that have helped me move through a bad mood, things that help keep me centred in my body, or just things that are fun. We’ll see how it goes.

Today, let’s talk about growing roots.

Growing what? Meg, darling, a human being can’t grow roots. We’re not trees.

Yes, I’m aware that we’re not trees. But we can still grow roots. The first step is to take your shoes off. Go ahead, slip them off. And your socks too. Feel your bare feet on the floor, my darlings (once you’re done reading, and assuming it’s warm enough, I highly suggest taking this one outside on some grass).

Soften your knees: make sure they’re relaxed, and not hyper-extended. It should feel good. Now take a deep breath in and sigh, relaxing your shoulders.

And bring your attention to the soles of your feet. Feel them against the floor. Feel how the floor supports you. Wiggle your toes, if you feel like it, and say hello to the floor. Focus your attention downwards.

Now…imagine that there are roots sprouting from the soles of your feet. They break through the floor beneath you, and they keep going. If you’re on the second floor of your house, picture them growing down through the first floor, through the basement, through the foundations, and into the ground, spreading out wide just like a tree’s roots do.

Imagine that you’re a tree, and your roots anchor you to the ground, keeping you steady, supporting and nourishing you. Take a few deep breaths, feeling what it’s like to be rooted. Your awareness is in your body, and your body is fully grounded.

This is a common exercise for Reiki practitioners before treatments, because grounding helps you stay rooted in your own space and energy while you work on someone else. I’ve also used this one at the start of dance classes, to help students really inhabit their bodies. It can make a huge difference.

As you move through your day, keep going back to that image. You’re a tree, and you’re supported and nourished by your roots. See how it feels. Let me know how it goes.